How To Whiten Teeth Naturally

How To Whiten Teeth Naturally

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I am going to share with you how I Whiten My Teeth Naturally and easily, by using a few over the counter effective polishing and detoxification products for whiter teeth, and protection of the gums.

In part 2, I will show you a more effective and stronger treatment with protocols for whitening the teeth, sanitizing and support regrowing back the delicate gingiva and the gums.

Every year many people go to the dentist to get their teeth whitened, sometimes using a variety of harsh peroxides, bleaching agents and chemicals that have been shown to cause weakening of the tooth enamel, hyper tooth sensitivity and irritation to the gingiva, or gums, if not applied correctly.

Overuse of these types of strong bleaching agents have been reported to damage the enamel.

Some people have bleached their teeth so many times, or incorrectly, thus leading to a softening of the enamel. Heavy tooth and gum brushing with a conventional abrasive toothpaste, can wear off the white enamel leading to yellow teeth that cannot be whitened any longer due to the enamel being worn down by incorrect brushing.

The enamel of the tooth is white unless it is worn out. So, if your teeth are yellow that either means you have stains on your teeth, or most likely you have worn through the enamel and now you are seeing the yellow dentin coating.

Some Teeth Cannot Be Whitened.

If the enamel on the teeth are healthy and have not been damaged by heavy brushing, sickness, prescription medications, fluoride treatments (or anything you could have done to erode the hard enamel), then the teeth are usually very easy to whiten naturally, without going to the dentist using chemicals or harsh peroxide agents.

I always use a soft, non-plastic toothbrush when brushing, so you can’t easily cause damage to the delicate gingiva. I also never brush my teeth and gums hard, or too fast, since this has a tendency to wear out the enamel and brush away your tender gingiva, with any type of abrasive toothpaste or polish.

So, take your time when you are cleaning the mouth.

Tooth Whitening Products Are For Sale Everywhere.

These whitening products are in the grocery stores, health food stores, local pharmacies, hundreds of vendors online and from your neighborhood dentist.

So, if you are wanting to use these over the counter, or even the expensive professional dentist version of whitening teeth, then either do your due diligence and research before using, or you can safely use the non-toxic tooth whitener as I will show you in this course.

Most likely you will find that most of the whitening products/chemicals are toxic and can have a variety of side effects, and can even damage your teeth or gums overtime if used too much, or incorrectly.

These teeth whitening protocols are the best way I have found to whiten your teeth naturally and safely.

Not only does this natural therapy whiten the teeth, it also cleans in between the gum/tooth line and nourishes and mineralizes the gums and teeth.

Personally, I would not use any of the chemical over the counter whiteners, used by a professional dentist.

The tooth and gum protocols I will show you in this course are “All Natural Without Any Chemicals or Bleaches“, and the products that you are going to use are very inexpensive.

Anatomy Of The Tooth.

Our Teeth have tiny pores just like our skin does. So, this is where a lot of the discoloration can accumulate easily from cigarettes, coffee, tea, beets, pomegranate juice, blueberries, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sodas, turmeric, curry, fulvic acid, iodine, and many other foods and drinks that stain the teeth or start dental and gum irritation.

Tooth Anatomy
Tooth Anatomy

Damaging The Gingiva Or Gums.

I hear of people all of the time that have destroyed the very delicate gingiva from trying to whiten their teeth with abrasive toothpaste or brushing incorrectly, especially with a hard bristle brush.

Many oral dentists will tell their clients that the gingiva will not grow back once the gingiva has receded.

I have grown back my receding gums substantially with these simple protocols.

In most cases, I have seen you can grow back some or all of the receding gingiva following the protocols that I am sharing.

Gum Recession
This picture shows the receding gum lines and tartar/plaque in the lower teeth.

Make sure while brushing, or whitening the teeth, you don’t damage the gums by brushing too hard, and always, follow the remineralization protocols after the whitening protocols.

Toothpaste is very abrasive and usually has a calcium carbonate added to give a polishing effect while brushing.

Again, be careful NOT to use other than a soft bristle on your brush. Try to get a natural brush without the hard plastic bristle.

“The gingival cavity micro ecosystem is fueled by food residues and saliva and can support the growth of many microorganisms, of which some can be injurious to health. Improper or insufficient oral hygiene can thus lead to many gum and periodontal disorders, including gingivitis or periodontitis which are major causes for tooth failure.” – source: Wikipedia

I like to whiten and polish my teeth about 1-2 times a month depending on if they are getting stained from the spices like turmeric, tea, coffee etc.

Again, it is important to do your due diligence and find a treatment that actually works.

Words of Caution In this article from Molly Raisch – “6 Teeth-Whitening Mistakes You’re Making,”

“Save your cash instead of springing for tooth-whitening mouthwashes.” These usually aren’t particularly effective and could actually be too abrasive for your mouth.

Don’t abuse whitening strips: “There’s a reason why your box of white strips comes with time limit instructions… using them longer than you’re supposed to can lead to unattractive splotching on your teeth and increased sensitivity.”

Read the label! Many people don’t realize that a large portion of inexpensive teeth whitening treatments are not approved by the FDA, so “you could be getting chemical concentrations that can damage your teeth.” Using an incorrectly sized tray for your mouth could lead to uneven whitening”.

Again, I would never use the over the counter whitening products or from the dentist.

Hopefully, you have gotten a few pointers on how you can easily whiten and protect your teeth and gums yourself naturally, without a professional.

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Hope you enjoy this “How To Whiten Teeth Naturally” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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