How I Start My Day and Optimize My Diet

How I Start My Day and Optimize My Diet

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I did this video over 5 years ago on how to optimize my diet, and the info is mostly the same as if i would say it today. Our prime theme and directive is to “Enhance, Upgrade and Optimize” as much of what we can in areas of “Health, Wellness, Happiness and Evolution”.

How I Start My Day and Optimize My Diet in My Personal Organic and Smart Earther Kitchen.

Part 1 is a Short Mini Lecture to give you a little basis on some of the dilemmas we all need to navigate to a less toxic and more non-GMO and Liquid Diet lifestyle.

In Part 2 we are going to give you an idea of what is do with my daily diet, and again this was over 5 years ago. Lots of good info for beginners and learning to connect the dots.

I use almost exclusively steam distilled water in all of my recipes now. It’s the cleanest and most pure water I can easily produce myself.

The USA made Steampure Water Distiller is what I use.

It’s funny sometimes to see yourself years later on video. I had long hair to the middle of my back for about 7 years when I was in transition – exploring a new lifestyle, and doing a lot of personal detoxification/rejuvenation.

I was looking way deeper into my self and all of my relationships I had with everything.

Personally, I was really scared and insecure to get in front of the camera and share what I feel could really help people worldwide.

I just am wanting to give them some “Inspiration and Hope” to help people that were looking to put the disciplined time and energy it takes to regain our sanity and our health.

In the past years we have all have grown so much – It’s all free to learn and share on the internet now.

8 Years ago I started to share and teach on YouTube, to the collective, who were curious and was researching other ideas, concepts and disciplines.

After 5 years we opened to share the personal deeper layers of “Terrain Modification” protocols and philosophies.

We got so much response from people I decided to sharpen my teaching skills and keep on sharing health and wellness information to all that care to listen to what I am sharing.

Most people are always looking to listen to more optimal ways to navigate in the health, wellness and evolution arenas.

Since then we have put out over 600 health, wellness and evolution themed videos on our Earther Academy YouTube Channel and our Earther Academy website.

All for higher and deeper layers of personal healing and information of my personal protocols, practices and principles that cured my sickness’s and dysfunctions in both the body and the mind.

Today, and I am going to show you my personal Earther Kitchen ( 5 years ago ), and how you may want to upgrade, enhance and optimize your kitchen and household.

As we all know “Health, Wealth, Happiness and Evolution” is “All a Work in Personal and Collective Progress”.

Thank you for all of the exciting testimonial emails I get from you, and asking me many questions in your Journey of Life.

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Hope you enjoy this “How I Start My Day and Optimize My Diet” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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How I Start My Day and Optimize My Diet Part 2

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