Heal Your Mouth, Teeth and Gums from Pain and Disease

Heal Your Mouth, Teeth and Gums from Pain and Disease

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Heal Your Mouth, Teeth and Gums from Pain and Disease is a very important video people have been asking me about for years.

Heal Your Mouth, Teeth and Gums from Pain and Disease Part 2 ( for Earther Members ) is a 2 hours long lecture and extensive workshop with all of the indigenous and personal healing mouth and gums recipes on the site.

Since I have a severe cracked tooth ( on a olive pit ), and a nasty cavity in both of my back posterior molars – I have had massive pain to remember this recipe to heal myself from this ugly pain and discomfort.

When I can’t get to my one of two specialized bio-dentists in Ventura, California I use Dr. Laurie Cardillino in California, and Dr. Javier Morales in Tijuana, Mexico.

I have used Dr. Javier Morales and Dr. Laurie Cardillino many times and have referred 1000’s of personal patients between the two of them over the last 10 years.

These  two dentists are real bio dentists and are also pioneers of dentistry which is looking into better ways to heal and cure the mouth of  disease  we all have and suffer from.

See our Holistic Bio Dentistry Page here.

Part 2 is too sensitive for YouTube because I am going to show a solution that was shown to me at least 20 years ago. I have used this on many 1000’s of my patients and others to heal the enamel and cavity fungus that most of us have.

Don’t forget healing the gingivitis or tooth rot. This recipe works so good and is over the counter and is a combination of products that are all over the counter.

I am going to use several over the counter products that are not certified to use in the mouth or internally.

I use this myself and got the recipe from other Holistic doctors when traveling around the world.

What would you do if you can’t get to the Dentist and you are in crisis of pain and agony ?

You may have to action into your own hands only if you had a possible cure or fix.

Take a watch and see what I just did to stop the pain and massive deep fungal infection in it’s tracks,

Life is but an experiment every minute we are alive. This is what I am doing and what 1000’s of other people have done and got varied results for sure.

I have had excellent results from this therapy. My severe mouth and tooth sensitivity was healed in two days!

WOW!!!… What a miracle it is to not have pain and to stop this flesh eating bacteria in its tracks.

On our site you can see the variant recipes that I use and other cutting edge ideas, concepts, practices, principles and protocols that we call “Terrain Modification”.

This really does work on most people so have fun experimenting and don’t swallow any of the materials that we are using.

Topical use only!!! 🙂

Life is but a work in progression and experimental WiZdom, so learn to be discretionary and play well.

Hope you enjoy this Heal Your Mouth, Teeth and Gums from Pain and Disease video :))

Dr. Robert

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Heal Your Mouth, Teeth and Gums from Pain and Disease Part 2

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  1. I had my amalgams removed and after I had a ton of sensitivity that I never experienced before. Also, one filling dissolved and did that hurt with any air touching. I went back to dentist and had a xray that showed a sinus infection. I never felt anything going on with sinuses,only lots of earwax buildup and draining from time to time.

    The dentist refilled tooth and I still had pain and sensitivity. He prescribed a antibiotic, which I figured wouldn’t help and didn’t want to take any,but my pain was so bad. After taking the prescription pain it was still going strong and I wasn’t getting no sleep.

    I looked up how to naturally cure sinus infection and found that snorting apple cider vinegar or cayenne pepper would help. I went with snorting the apple cider vinegar. I tried one nostril.

    Boy did that sting and made my eyes water. Moments later my nose started to drain a whole lot and my pain was gone immediately and I slept like a baby that night. ACV did the trick and I haven’t had any pain or wax build up in ears.

  2. I like to drink Kambucha and i feel little pain on the teeth -like sensitivity….so i went and did this rinse, i used only TSP, MSM, baking soda, borox and niacin, peroxide, stevia and clove & rosemary oil……and hold it in my mouth for 20 min. after first time doing this the sensitivity to kombucha is gone ….wow im very pleased, thank you Dr. C ! What a great help!

    1. Post

      Aloha Kevin,

      If you know how to use a neti pot … this is the first solution I would use on myself and i would also make a spray solution to use throughout the day. I will do a specific course on this because there are so many options to share for different types of conditions.

      Usually you are getting those infections from your household, office, car or some place that has mold and you are breathing it … mold lowers the immune system to constantly fight this type of bacteria that will live in moist places … the inner ears .. the skin … especially the sinus too. Clean the skin with the skin cleaning, detoxification and rejuvenation protocols we share also watch the ear cleaning – detoxification course we have too.

      For the 2 recipes below for minor infections. There are many recipes ..these are a few of the basics that usually help tremendously right away.

      1) I would use first 50 degree or so cold distilled water and then I would use a luke warm distilled water neti pot flush … 2-3 times a day

      2) This is a more potent flush = in glass use 32 ounces of distilled water, 1 tsp of aluminum free baking soda aka sodium bicarbonate and 1 tsp of sole liquid salt.

      I have also used 1 -2 added to 32 ounces of one of the following – spearmint – clove – or – peppermint … be carful with strong essential oils … always go slow when trying any new therapy.

      Please watch the videos on how to make this liquid salt or if you use fine grain Himalayan salt then let it dissolve fully first.

      Experiment with the frequency of the neti pot and I personally would run three flush cycles through each nostril as one therapy.

      You can also take some of this solution and put it into a fine sprayer and use throughout the day … as a inhalation therapy.

      Aluminum free sodium bicarb – https://earthshiftproducts.com/Product/Sodium-Bicarbonate-Aluminum-Free-Baking-Soda-1-lb

      Himalian corse ground pink salt – https://earthshiftproducts.com/Product/Himalayan-Crystal-Salt-Pink-Coarse-Ground-1-lb

      :)) Dr. Robert

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