Hands on ”Lymph/Tissue Massage” Lecture/Workshop – 153 min

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This is an over 2 hour lecture and hands on visual workshop in the areas that we all really need to practice and understand the lymph system and some easier/beneficial ways to eliminate accumulated debris and soften up the hardened tissue that most of us have on our bodies either if we are thin or obese many of us have this hardening of the tissue and clogging of the bodies biggest filter the ”Lymph”

These practices are usually very sore to start because of the tissue is very unhealthy and hardened with acidic crystals and other forms of toxic debris.

The start of a 100 mile journey is to take the first step :)) So a few ”Baby Steps” at a time is the way to negotiate these slow over time accumulations. it has taken me several years to soften and remove alto of the clogged and toxic lymph fluid. Study the int he sauna techniques and really learning to fast with liquids on a daily basis.

As becoming more aware of our surroundings both internally and externally we start to become smarter experimenters and researchers for sure.

So enjoy and you may want to watch the lectures and many other of the EA vids a few times each just to really understand the concepts more fully.

:)) Dr r

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