Growing Essential Gut Wall Intestinal Flora To Rebuild Yourself

Growing Essential Gut Wall Intestinal Flora To Rebuild Yourself

Robert CassarBeginner, Ferments, Getting Started, Intestines and Gut Wall 6 Comments

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Growing Essential Gut Wall Intestinal Flora To Rebuild Yourself

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Comments 6

  1. Hello. I’ve tried this recipe twice and it does not ferment. What am I doing wrong??? I REALLY want this to work so I can drink this liquid daily. I used the exact recipe as is on the video and nothing…this second batch I started over two weeks ago and it’s still dormant. Please advise. Thank you!!! Lynn

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      Aloha Lynn, I am not sure why yours it not working … its so easy to farm these bacteria … the first time you make the probiotic brew it may a few days to a week or so to eat the sugar and replicate sufficinetly to become strong and virulent … after that … you can make the brew usually in 1 day .. as I am drinking mine right now that I have been replicating for years.

      Make sure it is on the counter and is above 70 degrees .. they like it warm to replicate … optimal replication temperature is about body temperature for the good microbes to flourish and grow.

      :)) Dr. Robert

  2. Hello Dr Cassar! Could you explain me the role of the Silica and the Magnesium in these ferments please?
    Is it important that we put some every time we refill our jars? Or can we just put some sugar every other day or so?
    And should we re-feed the bacteria everyday, even if we don’t consume them?
    And what to do if we don’t find the same brand that you recommend for the silica and magnesium?

    I haven’t found a probiotics with more than 18 strains, how to do to get more strains? For example, is I have a rotten banana, with some white bacteria on the skin, is it a good idea to add this to my main ferment preparation?

    Thank you very much! 🙂

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      Hi Julien!

      The Silica and Magnesium is to add additional Ionic Minerals to the ferments. If you can; it is always good to at least the Ionic Magnesium Minerals each time you fill your jar. You only add sugar every time you refill the jar to re-feed the bacteria so they can replicate.

      You can find our Recommended Products here for Magnesium and Silica on Amazon. They are a different brand but same ingredients.

      Here is a 34 strain Probiotic: Garden of Life RAW Probiotics 100 Billion

      In order to get more probiotic strains; use a variety of over-ripe vegetables and fruits, and that will increase different strains to your Master Ferment.


      Dr. Robert

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      Aloha Paul,

      If the ferment turns to alcohol that is a form of the beginning of the final parts of fermentation. Some ferments will make very quickly depending if the temperature is warmer and slower if it is cooler out. You can also make a ferment for a day or two then when it is right for you then you can put in the refrigerator right away and that will slow the fermentation way down to almost nothing. Orange juices will turn with a little alcohol forming in about 3 days … That is a great ferment to drink on an empty stomach full of good aerobic bacterias. I like a strong kombutcha or fruit juice ferment.

      Hope that helps,

      Dr. Robert

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