Evolving and Life Philosophy with 15 Year Old Franz O'Hanna

Evolving and Life Philosophy with 15 Year Old Franz O’Hanna

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Aloha all, Here is a great viewpoint from a young man of 15 years but in my time I spent with him he has much of the ”wizdom” of an older more experienced human. I was so impressed by this young man. He is going to give you a little peak into his early life transformation of himself. Very interesting indeed ! :))

Franz really wants to evolve and learn how to become more human and learn all the techniques and practice them that can help other people either take care of themselves or learn how to heal themselves.

Franz stayed here at our 21 day detox and rejuvenation retreat in Hawaii with his mother Wendy also from Texas. She did a fantastic job and graduated with a 14 day dry water fast… Talk about an accomplishment and being able to get back a part of your life that you did not even know you were missing.

Fasting re-sets the mind and body in a big way. This is one of the best ways I have found coupled with several other integrative therapies … all together … and you really get magic to happen.

Watch the group interview with Franz and his mother Wendy on YT or EA site under interviews 2016.

Take a watch and enjoy !

:)) Dr. Robert

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Evolving and Life Philosophy with 15 Year Old Franz O'Hanna Part 2

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