Evolving and Life Philosophy with 15 Year Old Franz O'Hanna

Evolving and Life Philosophy with 15 Year Old Franz O’Hanna

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Evolving and Life Philosophy with 15 Year Old Franz O’Hanna Interview and Skin/Pore Cleaning Workshop. We are going to interview a young man whom is really advanced for his age.

This is a great interview to see what a young 15 year old boy is doing with his life, and his experience with his mom at the Hawaiian Detox Academy.

Franz will tell you about the big parasite his mom released on her fasting experience. He called the parasite the “Serpent Dragon”.

He says that he wants to “Evolve” into more of a human. The big Question is “Evolve or Suffer”?

Part 1 – Franz flew all the way to Hawaii with his mother from Houston, Texas. They are both here to participate in the 21 Day Detoxification and Rejuvenation Retreat in Hawaii at our Sanctuary.

Part 2 – (55 min) – We are going to perform a head to toe skin and pore cleansing/detox using the Terrain Modification protocols for detoxification of the largest organ of your body = THE SKIN. He has some Tinea Versicolor which is very common on most peoples skin and very hard to get rid of.

Most everyone has a large amount of skin and pore parasites. Learning these protocols are super important to practice and experiment with on your skin.

In the workshop we will go through several hands-on skin and pore protocols, and wait till you see the dark parasitic debris that comes out of young Franz.

All of us are infested with many creatures that live on our skin and in our pores.

He is very advanced for a young man to have his decisions based on reason, logic, morals and integrity. He already knows that his body is his vehicle and biological church that we all have to either destroy or evolve.

I have found that there are not many 15 year olds that are thinking with these virtues, and then of course practicing them as well. The virtues again are “Reason, Logic, Morals and Integrity” with ourselves and everything on the planet that is sharing it with us.

I had skin fungus for over 15 years until I started using the skin/pore cleaning, detoxification and rejuvenation protocols. I used all the expensive pharmaceutical drugs that were prescribed for me, and didn’t work at all. It really smelled bad as well to rub this pharmaceutical chemical all over me.

Learning the Terrain Modification Principles is a must to live healthier in this world that is so dysfunctional and toxic. Our planet we live on is truly a miraculous place indeed. We are Earth Stewards of this planet so nurturing anything in our lives gives us the feelings of joy, bliss, happiness and fulfillment.

Everything in Life is all a “Work in Progress”. 1 out of 2 people will die of cancer now in the North America because of all the toxicity, terrible foods/water and a myriad of parasites that thrive in the toxicity of the body.

The key is to clean the body as well as you can by living a Super Natural Lifestyle, which simply means to live with awareness and live as smart and natural as you can. We give you plenty of ideas to upgrade your world before your body get the sickness.

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You are what you “Eat, Drink, Say, Hear and Do” so be conscious of that.

Hope you enjoy this “Evolving and Life Philosophy with 15 Year Old Franz O’Hanna” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Evolving and Life Philosophy with 15 Year Old Franz O'Hanna Part 2

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