Enemas For Parasite And Toxicity Removal

Enemas For Parasite And Toxicity Removal

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NOTICE! Please be advised there will be graphic images of parasites in this course below.

This course is going to be primarily about intestinal parasites and specific enema protocols to support releasing them.

Part 1 (30 min) is a lecture and introduction to the enema workshop. I will share with the fasting and detox retreat group, a very effective way of using a triple stage enema for reducing and releasing parasites, and for excellent detoxification of the colon.

Part 2 (120 min) I am going to show you the protocols and recipes that I use for the 3 different stages of this very effective enema therapy.

This fasting and detox group are on their 7th day of fasting, and we are now going to experiment with a variety of enemas to deeply clean out the colon and possibly parts of the small intestine for reducing biofilm and the parasites that live in this area of the intestinal tract.

It is vitally important when performing any type of parasite reducing therapies, to reduce the intestinal fecal matter and intestinal debris as much as possible with liquid fasting, preferably water fasting for a few days.

Once the intestines are completely empty, these types of therapies can be much more effective removing parasites that live in the intestinal gel, like the tiny blood sucking Hookworms as we will see below.

Intestinal Parasite From Colon Enema
Intestinal Parasite From Colon Enema
Intestinal Parasite From Colon Enema
Intestinal Parasite From Colon Enema

When the intestines are backed up with fecal matter this type of therapy is only minimally effective for parasites, but will still be effective for removing impacted fecal material with this type of triple stage enema.

I have found if you are using any type of parasite protocols and have not fasted for at least 1-2 days, you will then not be able to effectively remove the parasites because there is still a large quantity of intestinal feces still in the intestines.

The more debris are in the intestines, the less effective the parasite flush will be.

So, this is a very important point, – make sure you have fasted for at least 1 day for this type of enema therapy in order for the removing of parasites and biofilm to be effective. If you do not fast then all you will do is just remove some of the old feces in the intestines.

I would strongly recommend a 1-3 day water or liquid fast before attempting this therapy for best results.

Triple Stage Enema

When we are working with parasite reduction of any kind, especially the enemas, they are all a personal experiment. I have used this very effective style of enema therapy with myself and hundreds of patients using the theme of “Dissolving, Washing and Re-nutrifying” – this is what I call a “Triple Action or Triple Stage Cleanse”.

This is one of the easiest ways to wash out the lower intestines, called the colon. This enema therapy works best when you are water fasting for a few days, or at least you have had a bowel movement and feel really empty.

The emptier the colon and intestines are of debris, the more effective the enema will be for flushing out parasites.

Cartoon Intestine with Health Concept

Common Parasites That Have Been Removed With Enema Protocols

I have seen many people (including myself) remove or poop out “2 -12 inch parasites”, lots of mucus and small pieces of parasitic body strands, or hard packed debris in the toilet.

Rope Worms Measured
Larger visual parasites flushed out using enema protocols
Parasites On Plate
Parasites On Plate

Parasites like the Hookworm live in the Biofilm or the Intestinal Gel

Hookworm Parasites In The Intestinal Gel
Hookworm Parasites In The Intestinal Gel

Most people acquire the tiny hookworm parasites from just walking barefoot in dirt, or laying in the grass. If you have dogs or cats then most likely you have hookworms in your soil and grass from them defecating in the yard.

Hookworms and other parasites are transmitted through infected fecal matter. As many parasites are, these are blood sucking creatures that feed off of the hosts blood (see recommended videos below).

Intestinal Hookworms
Hookworms and other micro parasites are very small, and you may not see them in the toilet when flushed out.

This enema flush therapy and other parasitic therapies help remove these parasites that live in the gel of the intestines.

The Hookworm, and other parasitic eggs, hatch in the soil and within about a week grow into very small larvae which can live for up to a month or longer within the soil, or the feces which bore them.

Upon skin contact with humans and other animals, the tiny worm will bore through the skin and work its way through the host’s veins, into the heart and eventually the lungs. Once in the lungs, they cause a flu like reaction – irritation and phlegm, or mucus, are either expelled or swallowed into the intestines. Swallowing the tiny creatures in the phlegm gives them a one way ticket to the intestinal tract to live out their life cycle.

After setting up residence in the intestine the worm will attach itself to the intestinal wall with its very sharp teeth, and begin feeding on the host’s blood.

Teeth of the Hookworm
Teeth of the Hookworm

Many people have no idea they are infected with these creatures. If left undetected and untreated the hookworm can reproduce very quickly, resulting in a serious intestinal infestation that can cause anemia, painful abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, malaise, headaches and insatiable hunger.

Hookworms are intestinal, blood-feeding, parasitic roundworms that cause types of infection known as helminthiasis. It is a common infection in countries with poor access to adequate water, sanitation and hygiene, but is common all over the world – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hookworm

Helminths Nematodes Enterobius in the gut
Helminths Nematodes Enterobius (Hookworms) in the gut

The life cycle of this, and other parasites, begin all over again when the host releases more of the parasites eggs through the feces in bowel movements.

Intestinal Parasites In The Gel

Development Stages Of The “Rope” Human Intestinal Parasite

1st Developmental Stage – Viscous Mucus

The 1st stage resembles thick mucus or phlegm, and can live in any part of the body especially the intestines.

Viscous mucus, the first stage of the rope parasites, hanging from the colander holes.
Viscous mucus, the first stage of the rope parasites, hanging from the colander holes.

2nd Developmental Stage – Slimy Viscous Mucus With Bubbles

The 2nd stage resembles slimy viscous mucus, and emits bubbles used later as intestinal attachments and act as suction cups.

Viscous mucus with bubbles 2nd development stage
Viscous mucus with bubbles 2nd development stage

3rd Developmental Stage – Branched Jellyfish

This stage has developed from the mucus stage and starts to form into a colored blob of mucus, resembling a jellyfish.

Rope Parasite 2nd Stage
The 3rd stage looks like branched jellyfish

4th Developmental Stage – The Transformational Stage

This stage is where the blob parasite turns into a visible snake-like creature with a head and body that can exceed 3 feet in length. This stage usually occurs in the 4-5th year of development. The fourth stage looks similar to the 5th stage, but the rope worm is shorter in length and has a softer slimier body with fewer twists.

Rope Worm with Bloody Head and Bubbles
Rope Worm with Bloody Head and Bubbles

5th Developmental Stage – Mature Adult

The 4th and 5th developmental stage is where this parasitic alien species possibly replicates itself with these fecal stones or eggs though the intestines passing the cycle on to others though fecal contamination.

Rope Parasite 5th Stage
Rope Parasite 5th Stage

Rope Parasite adult 5th stage: Picture above shows a fully developed human rope worm passed with enema protocols from a 45 year old adult. These anaerobic parasites resemble human feces, and dry out and die outside the human body in air. They are called rope worms (funis vermis in Latin) because they look like twisted fibers of a rope. The 5th stage looks like a tough string of roped mucus about a meter long in length, and has a head with suction cups. The mature developmental stage is thought to be approximately 8-10 years of age.

Abstract: “This paper describes the five development stages of the rope worm, which could be human parasite. Rope worms have been discovered as a result of cleansing enemas. Thousands of people have passed the rope worms from all over the World. Adult stages live in the human gastro-intestinal tract and are anaerobic. They move inside the body by releasing gas bubbles utilizing jet propulsion.

These worms look like a rope, and can be over a meter long. The development stages were identified based on their morphology.

Rope worms can be located almost anywhere in the human body, but prefer digestive tract, small and large intestines specifically. They twist like a corkscrew, increasing their cross section, blocking the lumen of the intestine.

This is also how rope worms squeeze the juice out of the fecal matter, and feed on it osmotically. To achieve this, the rope worm has multiple channels running along its length.

The parasites emit gas bubbles inside these channels utilizing jet propulsion (Volinsky et. al. 2013). They are most active at night, between 1 and 6 am. High parasitic activity and toxins release can alter human attention and reaction.”

Rope worms have cellular structure, based on optical microscopy, DAPI staining and DNA analysis, however, the data collected is not sufficient to identify the species. Removal methods are also mentioned in the paper.”

Please read the full PDF on the Rope Parasite by Alex A. Volinsky, Ph.D, to see all of the stages of this shape shifting alien parasite.

Src: Development stages of the “rope” human intestinal parasite

In part 2 I will go over the protocols I use for the Triple Stage Enema and other pertinent information to this course. The private protocols are a deeper layer of learning and are too sensitive for social media.

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See you on part 2 :))

Dr. Robert

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