Differences of Quantum, Critical and Mainstream Thinking with Dr. Robert Cassar

Differences of Quantum, Critical and Mainstream Thinking

Robert CassarAdvanced, Philosophy and Parables 3 Comments

Differences of Quantum, Critical and Mainstream Thinking – Have you ever thought about what kind of thinking or action that you or we are doing right here and now?

This Differences of Quantum, Critical and Mainstream Thinking video is to ask the Big Question?

Remember this:

All species and entities want to grow and flourish in ways that they could not before… upgrade… enhance and optimize is the key to these movements.

Our “Evolutionary” movements forward should not take away from another species though.

This is the Bio-LOGIC-al Standard Rule of the Species Universe of Evolution.

If we start to “Question Everything” that we are told and could really deeply understand, lots of stories, instead of being literal, they have literary works and parables.

When we “Question Everything?” – We may be going against what the majority of the collective people / population / groups / religions / politics seem to understand as truth.

Lies, secrets and deceptions and are now being questioned by the people with much courage, inspiration, enthusiasm and will.

These people are called “Re-Revisionists” of all layers of authority.

As we will see in the near future, many people are questioning everything, and that most likely means they will have to navigate their consciousness on how to react to the other side of the possibility or probability of many truths that may be very disturbing indeed!

If we really clean the “Body Temple” to what we call our “Holy Land”, then we can get a better understanding of all the information that is being thrown to us at a over whelming rate, to comprehend what is true, lies, secrets or deceptions.

Evolution is based on the group working together or against each other. It is up to us to see these truths and navigate from there.

All species at this time are waiting to evolve and grow into a more sustainable being or entity.

Lets learn, share, tech, investigate and ignite ourselves and others to help each other Evolve no matter what race, creed, religion, politics or specific on world or not biological species.

Remember Everything wants to Grow!

Hope you enjoy this “Differences of Quantum, Critical and Mainstream Thinking” Video :))

Dr. Robert

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