Delousing, Detoxing, and Sanitizing Hair and Skin Parasites

Delousing, Detoxing, and Sanitizing Hair and Skin Parasites

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Most people I come in contact with usually have a variety of skin/pore parasites. Are you loosing your hair? thinning hair? unhealthy looking hair?

These very numerous and very pesky little parasites that are super minuscule and mostly invisible to the naked eye in their parasitic true nature as all parasites are unknown and cloaked to the host.

Most of the skin and pore parasites are extremely small and you need a micro-scope/macro-scope or a petri-dish to grow these creatures that are on everyone to some degree.

These are super tiny creatures called negative bacterias, viruses, mold, fungus, candida, yeast etc.

Dust mites, lice, ticks, fungus and 100 of varieties of hair mites are everywhere in our natural and unnatural environments especially when we have pets live indoors with us.

Hair mites or any creatures can very easily live on our skin/pores any furniture, car, sofas or any indoor or outdoor pillows, pets dander of any kind including birds, carpets that are on the floors are breeding grounds, all clothes transfer them, vacuum cleaner blows them around everywhere, air ducts, shoes, etc and these species are part of the arachnid or spider family.

Some of these parasites eat skin cells, body oils called sebum and a variety of other parasitic excrement’s that are bodies sweat from the parasites that live int he body to provide a constant food source.

The Hair mites and many other skin and pore creatures eat primarly sebum which is a oily substance secreted bu all of us through our pores of the skin.

This is one of the major reasons for many skin and hair loss/baldness conditions that we see makes and females have in their 30’s and 40’s. It is said that over 95% of the population studied have these creatures living on us or in our pores.

There is a definite effective set of protocols to rid the body and the environment of these creatures.

Extra Terrestrial Aliens

These Alien creatures live on our terrestrial bodies, and take a look at them – they are totally alien and are to us, for sure.

Follow the skin and pore protocols, disciplines, practices and as many you will see your skin change dramatically and hair loss will either stop reseeding or the hair wants to regrow if it can.

The microscopic mites poop in the pores because they live in the pores. After so many of the mites live and poop in the pores start to contaminate with feces and urine – the skin/pores where the hair follicles live and either kill them or substantially slow or stop the growth of the hair.

Not all hair loss are these numerous microscopic characters, but I have found out this to be the case in the majority of hair loss, wrinkles, pimples, skin rosacea, bumps on the skin, hardening of the skin, old looking skin, numerous types of skin and pore fungus etc.

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Delousing, Detoxing, and Sanitizing Hair and Skin Parasites

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  1. Aloha !! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, much appreciate ! Is there any other way how to do scalp protocols without using sauna or sun? Perhaps, using hot water towel steam to soft up and open the scalp? Also, can hair be regrown, even if the hair loss is caused due to hormons? I’m convinced that DHT , after all, is bacically just a toxicity to the scalp as any other. If the scalp is detoxify properly then the chance to regrow hair back should be realistic?

    Greetings from the UK.

    1. Aloha Rene!
      I’m glad you enjoy the content and are putting it to use! A hot towel/ steam compress will definitely work to dilate the skin vessels and pores making it easier to gua’sha the scalp. You can enhance that my adding some epsom salt in the water for the towel to soak in! In my experience hair can regrow! There’s essentially two factors to address: the toxicity that is killing the hair root and damaging the vessels leading to poor skin/ scalp/ hair health and working to clean up the scalp terrain by eliminating the mites and other parasites feeding off of the skin and toxicity.
      In health,
      Dr. Bryce

    1. Aloha Rae!
      I have long hair and have found that using the edge of the guasha tool will provide a decent amount of pressure and stimulation to the scalp. It worked well for me by going from front to back on my scalp (eyebrows towards the back of the head, inline with the saggital plane of the body) and for the sides to go above the ears towards the back of the head (in line with the horizontal plane). I hope that trick works for you!
      In health,
      Dr. Bryce

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