Deep Skin and Pore Cleaning and Detoxification with Ramses

Deep Skin and Pore Cleaning and Detoxification with Ramses

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I am going to be talking to a retreat participant from West Africa called Ramses. Ramses is 56 years and traveled about 24 hours to come to the detox retreat in Hawaii.

Ramses accomplished a 7 Day Water Fast and did a variety of detoxification therapies we call “Terrain Modification”.

Later on in the video, after we start to sweat, I am going to use several types of “Gwashing” techniques on many areas of his body, to see if we can purge the pores of toxicity, micro-plastics and parasitic creatures/fungus etc. that live in the pores, on top and in the skin layers.

Gwashing not only purges the skin pores, but also has an amazing effect on deeply massaging out the kinks of tight muscles, ligaments and tendons in all areas of the body.

You will see plenty of toxicity and pore puss come out of Ramses skin, while I am performing the gwashing.

If you can get a good release of the toxicity out of the pores, you will see most the fluid coming out of the pores will be somewhat dark to very dark and thick.

I sometimes call the toxicity coming out of the pores “whitish feta cheese”, which is most likely yeast/candida in the pores.

In order to do the gwashing techniques; I am always recommending using some type of heated sauna (preferably and Far InfraRed Sauna) for 20-30 minutes prior before experimenting with the gwashing protocols.

If you are not sweating profusely, this therapy will not be as effective as what I am doing in the video. Most people, for the first several times experimenting with gwashing, will get a discoloration of the skin, bruising. This is quite normal for most people who have clogged areas or sick tissue.

The bruising or increased microcirculation is normal for newcomers to this therapy, and the markings are called “ecchymosis”. The markings will usually last several days and usually do not have any pain to touch.

Using this therapy consistently will bring back normal microcirculation, and will usually not bruise any more while doing the gwashing treatments. After several treatments, depending on the healthiness of the skin and muscles, there will not be any discoloration or bruising, – this is healthy tissue.

Please read: PubMed: The effect of Gua Sha treatment on the microcirculation of surface tissue: a pilot study in healthy subjects

Before going into the sauna; always drink 32 oz of clean water. I like to use distilled water since it is the cleanest and best water for detoxification. Once you are in the sauna, I like to drink a few sips of water every 5 minutes to over-hydrate my body to sweat easier.

After about 15 minutes the “FIR” heat from the sauna will magically open up the pores, and should start to perspire. Once the body becomes overheated, the pores will open and start to sweat out the poisons or toxicities through the skin pores.

Saunas of any type can be dangerous if you use them without being properly hydrated!

The sauna heat level I like to use is about 130-140 degrees. If your pores are open and clean you should be able to start sweating in as little as 12-15 minutes. If you do not sweat in the sauna; most likely your pores are clogged and you may not sweat too much the first few times using the sauna.

It’s always a good idea to clean the skin with the Vodka Cleaning Solution and Protocols.

Further Review: Making And Applying The Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution.

I try to stay in the sauna for about 30 minutes after I have started sweating a lot. If I start to feel a little lightheaded, I open the door to the sauna to let a little fresh air in for a minute, or so, and take a few sips of mineralized or lemon water.

If you were sweating well, and then all of a sudden you stop sweating while in the sauna, this would mostly mean that you are getting dehydrated and your body is trying to conserve water.

Always remember to drink plenty of water especially once your body is starts to sweat.

It’s a good idea to watch many of the sauna videos we have in our playlist, so you can see different techniques I use on younger and older people, and some of the stories we get into.

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Hope you enjoy this “Deep Skin and Pore Cleaning and Detoxification with Ramses” πŸ™‚

Dr. Robert

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Deep Skin and Pore Cleaning and Detoxification with Ramses

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      Hi Tanya. If you have very short hair, magnesium, silica and a little coconut oil work very well together. If you have longer hair I would not use the magnesium spray in the hair because it will make your hair feel sticky.

      If you wanted to treat the scalp with magnesium, you would spray a little of the magnesium in your fingertips and rub it into the scalp only, not into the hair.

      The easiest and best version for most people is to spray the silica only into the hair after you get out of the shower πŸ™‚

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