Cutting Edge Protocols After Liquid Fasting

Cutting Edge Protocols After Liquid Fasting

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Cutting Edge Protocols After Liquid Fasting is the theme of this video.

We have a hands on group retreat workshop with some the participants from our 21 day detoxification and rejuvenation retreat on some more cutting edge information / practices, to release deep seated toxicities and elusive hidden parasites ( that we all have inside and outside of us ).

Part 2 is our hands on workshop, and I am going to work on myself and the group on the fatty tissue, lymph and hard toxicity in the arms and legs.

Part 2 has ideas, disciplines and concepts, protocols are too sensitive for YouTube, and / or the public mainstream, so we share over 300 videos in health and wellness privately besides our YouTube videos that are public.

Dissolve-Wash-Re-Nutrify = Trinity of Health

Everyone needs to learn and practice detoxification and rejuvenation protocols, practices and principles, or in time or sickness and premature aging will take place and accumulate for sure.

Have you ever stopped eating and only had liquids for 1 -21 days ? I call this a “Liquid’arian Fast”

Ready to give this a try? Would you like to release the unknown elusive parasites, or what I call demons in all of us that you did not know you even had?

Sounds impossible? We consistently have 21 day detox / rejuvenation retreats in Hawaii for people from all around the world to experience this awakening.

Dry Water Fasting is only Miraculous and Genius for Health and Wellness when you try it.

Why would I want to starve myself from all food for 7-21 days? Does this type of “Dry Water Fasting” therapy really help people?

Fasting in my opinion makes the body very efficient and smart :))

Please watch our videos to see the miracles of learning and practicing “Terrain Modification” protocols, practices and principles.

There are over 50 departments to optimize, enhance and upgrade your health, wellness and evolution.

Liquid Fasting is one of the great life changers and upgrading the diet is great too, but there are many pointers and guidance’s that we all need and can learn from one another.

So share your transformation to inspire others to engage in Health and Wellness.

Hope you enjoy this Cutting Edge Protocols After Liquid Fasting Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Cutting Edge Protocols After Liquid Fasting Part 2

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  1. Hi, I’m an Earther Member I ‘d love to be able to watch Edge protocols after liquid fasting 2. The play button for the video isn’t there, and I’m using my iPad Air. I’m also looking for enemas recipes and I can’t seem to find any.

    1. Hello. I see that you are a ‘Regular User’ not ‘Earther Member’. In order to see the videos you need to be an ‘Earther Member’ and you can signup here:

  2. I’m excited to be an ‘earther’ member and to access the Part 2 videos! I’ve watched a few, but each time Dr. Robert’s voice is delayed and the video stops and starts a LOT. I make it through to the end, but some of the instruction is probably lost.
    Is there something I should do with the video to make it run smoother? It’s happened on all the Part 2 videos I watch.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for your message. Course Videos are embedded from YouTube and Vimeo and is not really a website issue. Sometime there can be some lag form the video providers, but usually it has to do with your connection speed.

      Please check your internet speed and also try to restart your computer, clear cookies and cache and maybe even try another device/browser.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

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