Core Strength And Deep Six Pack Abs

Core Strength And Deep Six Pack Abs

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I am going to show you some of the “Secrets” I have learned and practiced over the past 40 years, on how I developed unusually “Deep Six Pack Abs” (or “Rectus Abdominis” muscles) by using an abdominal flexing technique in passive and active exercises.

In this video, I am close to 60 years old and have been using Terrain Modification Protocols for over 15 years, As we all know, there are many secrets to getting incredibly strong abdominals, and visually be able to see the Deep 6 Pack Abs at any age.

I have maintained and developed them, along with excellent core strength, by using the “Abdominal Flexing Technique” and combining simple core exercises.

In Part 1 I will show you how this technique works, beyond just doing situps and crunches, to get your abdominals to be thoroughly and intensely exercised, without going to the gym.

Our “Rectus Abdominis” musculature is the basis of our core and upper body strength. If your abdominals are weak then your core body is weak.

If Your Abdominals Are Strong Your Core Is Strong

There are many ways to stimulate, strengthen and visually enhance the core muscles of the body. The Abdominal Flexing Technique is a very effective technique for strengthening the core and increasing the size and strength of the rectus abdominis.

Abdominal Muscle Anatomy

This is an excellent practice to go along with other traditional training of the core muscles.

The Abdominal Flexing Technique is excellent for intermediate to advanced athletes, bodybuilders or physique enthusiasts and you will feel almost immediate results in overall strength and spinal flexibility, just by learning to flex the core while exercising. This technique can also be used effectively by beginners.

If you are a bodybuilder or athlete of any kind, learning how to flex your core is essential for the muscles to be their absolute very best.

Learning to flex and control these very essential core muscles, while performing simple daily activities, or exercise, will take a little practice. The muscles and the mind will have to get used to these new tension movements.

In order for the core abdominals to get strong, you have to flex them or use them often, consistently, intensely and as much as you can.

The abdominal section are beautiful muscles, tendons and ligaments when the subject is lean and knows how to control the muscles individually so you can see the musculature individually.

We all have these extremely beautiful and strong muscles hiding below our body fat or toxicities.

If you can see someones abdominals, you know they are either starving and skinny, or are in great physical vital shape.

Deep 6 Pack Abs are developed by activating the deep musculature consistently throughout the day, and by learning how to flex the abs while exercising and walking.

Flexing To Sculpt Your Six Pack Abs

Leaning Abdominal Flexing Techniques enables you to do very effective abdominal and core strengthening training exercises while you are passively walking around, or more actively and intensely, while you are exercising any way.

Learning to flex the rectus musculature while you are exercising, walking, running, bike riding, yoga etc. will drastically increase the strength and muscular size of the abdominals.

Let’s say you are going on a ½ mile walk before dinner. As you are walking around start to flex and tighten up the core muscles (abdominal areas) and flex them for as long as you can stand it, just as I show you in this video course.

Think of this ½ mile walk like doing 500 sit ups or more, if you can keep flexing the muscles of the abdominals.

As you flex, the stomach and trunk muscles stimulate the muscles to be engaged. This gives the muscles endurance and strength in a very short time frame of training.

If you went on a bike ride you would use the same technique. You may have to rest here and there, but you should be able to use the Abdominal Flexing Technique for hours while walking or sitting. It definitely takes a conscious effort to keep the muscles under tension all the time.

What Are The Main Core Muscles?

Learning how to flex the core muscles, ligaments and tendons correctly while you are passively and actively exercising, is the main idea of this video course.

Muscles Of The Core
Muscles Of The Core

Again, learning something new is not always as easy as it looks. To get proficient with this technique, it will usually take people several months to get the muscles and technique up to speed, to get maximum benefit from this supplemental exercise, on top of other exercises or activity.

List Of Main Core Muscle Groups

Rectus Abdominis (or 6 pack for short) is the most well-known of the core muscles. Every athlete knows when you see a good set of abdominals on an athlete, you know they are in great shape.

  • Obliques are located on the side of the Torso. There are three sets of oblique muscles: Internal, Transverse and External
  • Erector Spinae is located in the Low Back
  • Transverse Abdominis
  • Quadratus Lumborum and associated Spinal Muscles

“Abdominal muscles are any of the muscles of the anterolateral walls of the abdominal cavity, composed of three flat muscular sheets, from without inward: external oblique, internal oblique, and transverse abdominis, supplemented in front on each side of the midline by rectus abdominis.” – source: Abdominal Muscle |

How Many Muscles Are In The Core?

The Core is composed of as many as 35 different muscle groups connecting into the pelvis from the spine and hip area. In order to simplify the Core muscles you can divide them into four regions: Back Extensors, Rectus Abdominals, Lateral Thorax Muscles and the Pelvic/Hip Muscles.

Abdominal Flexing Techniques For Deep Stretching

Doing the Abdominal Flexing Technique for stretching is an excellent way to unwind the pelvic muscles to stretch even further. People who have back pain and stiffness usually have very weak, very tight, spasmodic and unbalanced muscles of the core.

The Core is known in the common exercise circles, mostly for exercising and strength ideologies but the core can also become compromised leading to stiffness, pain, spasm and inflexibility causing much inflammation to the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

When I am stretching and want to unwind the tight muscles and ligaments, or just to stretch deep, I will use the Abdominal Flexing Technique for as long as I can keep the muscles pulling, tensing and stretching the inside muscles of the pelvis and abdomen, using my own muscles.

In future videos, I will explain the Abdominal Flexing Technique in more detail for deep stretching and yoga.

To strengthen your core muscles, lower back and buttocks try the simple exercises in part 3.

Low Carb, Low Sugar Diet And Lifestyle

A low carb/low sugar diet and lifestyle is crucial if you want to ever see your abs.

If I want to see my abs and be as lean as possible, I start simply by cutting out carbs and sugars to a bare minimum and start increasing cardio exercise, 3-6 times a week for 15-90 minutes each training session. Everyday I would practice Intermittent Fasting for 18 hours with 1 meal daily. If you want to lose weight faster I would Block Fast, 1 time per week for 24-72 hours.

The Earther Academy Lifestyle is a recipe that will let you experiment with yourself getting leaner and more fit more easily, by learning the Terrain Modification protocols.

My Quick Opinion On Losing Undesirable Excess Body Fat.

I have learned over the last 40 years of research, experimentation and clinical patient research, that losing body fat is very simple when you understand the Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Principles.

Most people are wondering why they are gaining weight and will never be able to see their abs, or lose the unwanted excess body fat and toxicity.

Some of the issues are: Sugars, Carbs, Grains, Processed Foods, Industrial Seed Oils, Fast Foods, MSG, Chemicals, Toxins, Herbicides, Parasites, Petrochemicals, GMOs, Radio Frequencies and Wireless Tech to name a few.

If you are using any of the above compounds in combination (especially if you are using them in excess) – these products can easily make you gain body fat.

The average American person use all of the products listed above in their daily activities.

Obesity In The USA

Obesity affects some groups more than others:

“The prevalence of obesity was 35.7% among young adults aged 20 to 39 years, 42.8% among middle-aged adults aged 40 to 59 years, and 41.0% among older adults aged 60 and older.” – source: Adult Obesity Facts | Overweight & Obesity | CDC

40% or 120+ million people are OBESE in the USA. Typical complaints of most overweight or obese people is they complain of feeling lethargic, lazy, sickly, no libido, foggy minded, confused and definitely tired (read related articles below).

Reducing all of the issues mentioned above, will definitely help you see your abs once again, or for the first time.

For most people, if you just do hundreds of crunches, sit ups or ab machines it will not get you the Deep 6 Pack Abs. Remember, the real problem is that your abdominals are hidden with body fat, or what is called adipose tissue. If you want to see a visual 6 pack you are going to have to remove the fat that is covering up your abs.

Start practicing Intermittent and Block Fasting protocols and do a lot of cardio if you can (3-5 times a week), to help get rid of the “Fat Parasite” that 40% of the people in the USA have, as this live creature eats sugar and carbohydrates primarily.

Robert Cassar's Six Pack Abs
Robert Cassar’s Six Pack Abs

When I was body building, I learned this trick from watching other professional bodybuilders workout, who had fantastic abs. They were doing a variety of exercises to strengthen the abdominal area, but the athletes that had the deepest and strongest abs flexed them as much as they could while training and walking around during the day.

I noticed the seasoned bodybuilders were self-creators shaping their musculature akin to a clay sculpture being built. When they trained with weights I noticed they were not only pulling or pushing the weights, but were flexing all the muscles of the core very hard while they were exercising, to increase their strength and to stimulate their muscles to grow.

When we talk about core strength, we are primarily looking at the abdominal and pelvic muscles. Resistance training and pretty much any type of exercise will definitely stimulate the core to become stronger and more balanced.

The technique I share with you will definitely advance your balance/strength/endurance in 30-45 days. As long as you remember to do the protocols while walking, running, sitting, yoga or resistance training.

When you can see the abdominal musculature on someone, it is one of the key visual and vital traits in any athletic and healthy person, for both male and female genders.

How Do I Strengthen My Core With Back Pain?

The Abdominal Flexing Technique can be used for people who have chronic back pain. The internal stretching of the core muscles help tremendously with most people suffering neck and back stiffness, and chronic pain.

As you are walking around throughout the day, or just with your daily activities, try to be conscious to flex the abdominal or core muscles on and off throughout the day, as much as you can.

Your abdominal and core muscles will be sore the next day when you have done the flexing exercise technique correctly.

This powerful abdominal flexing technique has significantly reduced my chronic back and stiffness from a severe auto accident I had in 1997.

As my core increases in strength and flexibility, my back pain and stiffness are always reduced. So, I use this technique several times throughout the day, and while exercising, if I want to really stimulate the core. This practice is best to be accomplished and performed on as empty stomach as possible.

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Hope you enjoy this “Core Strength And Deep Six Pack Abs” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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  1. Dear Dr. Cassar,
    Can you do these exercises years after pregnancy? As a woman this area is very problematic bc many have the “diastasis recti” after they gave birth. I am not sure if I have this gap, but I cannot do crunches or sit-ups anymore. Everytime I try I get really weird feelings of spasms or “movements” as if my organs were moving out of place. It is not soreness. I did not have these feelings before childbirth. I wonder what I can do about it? Thank you and best wishes from Europe!

    1. Post

      Hi Anny.

      These exercises can be done by a child and yes, even by a pregnant woman or someone who has had problematic pregnancies. The beauty of these exercises is that you are not really putting a lot of pressures on the joints/ You are just learning how to flex your abdominal musculature without putting any force on the connective tissue.

      This type of exercise is hard for anybody at first, but in time your muscles will strengthen, and hopefully a lot of your unbalanced musculature and connective tissue will start. Consistency with this exercise is what helps the muscles, ligaments and tendons heal and become balanced.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Good day Dr. Cassar,
    I’d noticed, that at ~20:30 into this video, you’d stated that you have removed lectins, oxalic acids, phytic acid and you’re not eating plants.
    I would welcome it to know, how you’ve changed your diet in the prior 30 days and how your diet is today,

    Thank you so much,

    1. Post
  3. I am an Earther Academy Retreat Graduate of the March 2019 class. If was far more incredible and enlightening than I had expected. I had been following EA and Dr. Cassar for more than 6 years to learn the protocols and get a good idea of Dr. Caesars character. He is the Real Deal and the staff were also incredible. The long journey for me to be a part of such a wonderful experience was worth every bit the struggle. The long hours of research, expenses to be a participant at the retreat, the long flight from the Eastern US, and the 14 day mineralized distilled water fast took me to another level of my being. I had found and bonded with the type of people that’s important for me to be around. It was very hard to leave on that last day and I became very emotional. Yes I cried a few times when alone. I would love to go back to the retreat for another round. It’s a very special place and no one will ever regret the journey. I am happy to say that I am on a short list to personally see his moms clock on that wall 😉 Much love to you Dr. Cassar and Happy Holidays.

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