Breaking The Spell of Addictions

Breaking The Spell of Addictions

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Breaking The Spell of Addictions – HOW MANY ADDICTIONS DO YOU HAVE?

These videos are a deeper layer of knowledge of ideas, disciplines, concepts, techniques, protocols that are essential if you are searching for “Optimal Health” and “Advancing your Awareness”.

Have you ever thought about how many addictions you have that are destructive to you, your friends, family or the planet? And, on the other hand – How many good addictions do you have that help you with health, wealth and continual advancement of awareness?

How do we control our addictions of gambling, drugs, pharmaceuticals, eating, tobacco, alcohol, drama, sex, behavior additions, television, the internet, caffeine, smart phones, sugar, flesh, arguing, etc.? We can have many addictions in our life span and many at the same time too.

Most of the bad addictions are caused by very strong mind controlling parasites like yeast, mold, fungus, candida and continual repetitive habits that turn into an addiction.

Certain drugs are very addictive because of the parasites that process the drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, opiates, sodas, medications, money, non controlled substances, etc.

There are many good addictions to have too for example: exercising, taking care of yourself, keeping optimized, balanced, loving and caring for people and animals, reading, learning, a healthy obsession, planting a garden, being happy.

Moving yourself into a super natural lifestyle will help you tremendously indeed.

Removing the accumulated toxicity is a good start to get back your power with many types of addictions. Learning Terrain Modification is one the best keys to get your life back to yourself.

Choose the addictions that you want to tame down, so now you have space to add in a better addiction with positive attributes.

Watch all the “Breaking The Spell of Addictions” videos so you can understand the power of the parasitic creatures that give us most all of our not liked addictions.

Once the body starts to harmonize at a higher level of vibrational and energetic order, then you will experience a new beginning in the form of consciousness or awareness from where you are today.

You are what you ”eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be conscious of that.

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Breaking The Spell of Addictions Part 1

Breaking The Spell of Addictions Part 2

Breaking The Spell of Addictions Part 4

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