Bone Broth Soup For Healing Leaky Gut And Intestinal Stress

Bone Broth Soup For Healing Leaky Gut And Intestinal Stress

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Mark Daniells and I are going to show you how to make the best “Bone Marrow/Broth Soup” to support healing my intestines from chronic inflammatory conditions I had such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Leaky Gut Syndrome, Gas, Bloating, Irregular Bowels, Blood in the stools and other intestinal dysfunctions.

Bone Broth Soup, if made correctly, is one of most healing foods anyone can have. Not only to repair the damaged gut lining but the broth with the bones, cartilage, meat and marrow slow cooked for 24 hours is loaded with a super bioavailable amount of nutrition as well.

Beef Bones for Making Broth at Home
Beef Bones for Making Broth at Home

This course is specifically designed for the support of repairing the intestinal inflammation with the magical healing and bioavailable nutritional ingredients found in this excellent tasting recipe.

Most people who eat a standard american diet (SAD), Vegetarian or Vegan and even fruitarians, will usually suffer a variety of chronic inflammatory intestinal syndromes over time with their diets.

I have found that most raw vegans I personally know (including myself) have destroyed their intestines and digestion by eating way too many of the toxic plant compounds such as oxalates, lectins, phytates, pesticides, goitrogens, petro-chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides such as glyphosate or atrazine that are herbicides commonly used in most agriculture.

The biological assaults, especially to the intestines and digestion, can come from ingestion of the specific plants themselves or be added to the plants as they are growing, chemical fertilizers and/or chemicals sprayed directly on the plants in all conventionally grown agricultural products such as veggies, roots and fruit.

99% Of Pesticides We Eat Are Produced By Plants

“A paper co-authored in 1990 by the venerable Bruce Ames found that 99.99% of the pesticides we consume in our diet are produced by the plants themselves. Given the popularity of organic food and the unscientific mythology underlying it, his findings are more relevant now than ever.” – src: 99.99% of Pesticides We Eat Are Produced by Plants

There are literally thousands of different toxic chemicals sprayed on the plants or in the soils, when growing plants commercially.

It is vital to use organic if you can with all foods like meats, herbs, spices and eggs and dairy products.

Eating the toxic and malnourishing SAD diet full of processed junk foods using almost exclusively GMO toxic grains high in sugar, and full of anti-nutrients that steal the nutrients from you.

This is one of the reasons bone to have broth soup as to re-nourish and heal the intestines from all the toxic and processed foods most of us eat daily.

The average person in the US consumes over 150 pounds of sugar a year. Eating this much sugar combined with the chemicals and malnourishing foods will certainly predispose people to become toxic, depressed, overweight, sick and tired.

You wonder why we notice so many obese children and adults everywhere.

“Today, the average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar in one year. This is equal to 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar consumed in one week! Nutritionists suggest that Americans should get only 10% of their calories from sugar. This equals 13.3 teaspoons of sugar per day (based on 2,000 calories per day).” – src: How Much Sugar Do You Eat? You May Be Surprised! –

Eating this much sugar is not only getting everyone fat, but all of the processed sugars are demineralizing the body and causing the body to malfunction with the constant high amounts of sugar.

Could this be one of the reasons why there are so many diabetics in the United States?!

“More than 100 million U.S. adults are now living with diabetes or prediabetes, according to a new report released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).” – src: New CDC report: More than 100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes

Many people that are long term SAD, vegetarian, vegan and fruitarian diet groups can, in time, suffer from diabetes, obesity, depression, emotional and hormonal imbalance, malnourishment in many areas of the body, cognitive and memory dysfunction and overall toxicity from all of the processed fake/synthetic, GMO and chemical foods/sugar drinks.

So, consuming too many toxic plant compounds and/or having too many toxins, chemicals or irritants in your diet, in time will usually cause intestinal distress and inflammation and later could destroy your digestion and overall gut health, leading to other sicknesses and ailments.

There are tens of millions of people just in the USA who complain of daily intestinal stress.

I have found that bone broth soup is one of the key ingredients in reducing the chronic inflammation from the intestines I had for years.

For most people just eating conventionally grown toxic GMO, processed foods and sugary drinks; in time you can easily have chronic intestinal distress/leaky gut/IBS and will most likely lead to chronic malnourishment and internal toxicity accumulating day by day.

These common symptoms are the beginning stages of where sickness starts to slowly accumulate in you, and over time this could easily lead to an incurable disease.

A simple bone broth recipe is usually just made with the bones and marrow, but we are going to add much more protein to this recipe as you will see. The meat based soup will be primarily 80-90% fat, a little protein and just a few carbohydrates from the veggies, herbs and spices we use for flavor.

The best and most nutritional bone broth is made with marrow of the long bones of cattle, and if made correctly has a massive amount of bioavailable nutrition and medicine packed in every bite.

Once the entire recipe of bones and meat have simmered and brewed on the stove for 24 hours, the proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, calcium and collagen locked into the bones are released into the soup and are highly bioavailable to the body in this slowed cooked recipe.

Caribou Bone Marrow Nutrition Facts
Bone Broth Nutrition Facts
Fatty Bone Marrow In Beef Bones

As you can see in this picture; the fatty bone marrow is in the center of the all long bones of humans and animals.

What is Responsible for Making Red Blood Cells in the Body?

“The bone marrow is mostly responsible for making new red cells. Bone marrow is the soft tissue in the center of bones that helps form all blood cells.” src – Hemolytic anemia: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

One of the best ways I have found to heal the gut from inflammation is to fast with just a small amount of bone broth daily. The best results I have seen are when participants do a 3-12 day bone broth fast with only one meal a day.

As you already know, you can do effective fasts with just using fruit or veggie juices, water only for detoxification or you can use bone broth soup for a nutritional and healing fast.

This bone broth fast is easy and very effective for repairing and resetting the gut and your digestion. You will definitely lose weight if you follow the one meal day for a few weeks, while you are healing your gut and intestines with all of the saturated fats that are in the soup.

If you are overweight; this fast will help you lose unwanted pounds but will also support healing the gut with all of the super dense nutrition (mostly saturated fats) very efficiently by removing most all carbs, sugars and toxic plant compound irritants from your diet for a selected period of time.

It took me several months to heal my intestines from inflammation completely using this type of method. Bone broth has really helped me repair my intestines, gut and digestion from the years of gastrointestinal irritation, mostly from eating a raw vegan plant based diet.

This recipe is very easy to make and is inexpensive compared to buying bone broth already made from the market or a restaurant.

“The bone marrow of animals is widely used by humans as food. It consists of yellow marrow contained in long bones. There is also red marrow, which contains more nutrients than yellow marrow. It may be found in bone-in cuts of meat purchased from a butcher or supermarket.” – src: Wikipedia

I will discuss some of the reasons why we have GI dysfunction, and some of the simple remedies I have successfully used to cure my moderate to severe GI dysfunctions, I had for many years.

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why you or I would want to create this gut healing recipe.

What Is Leaky Gut?

“Leaky Gut” is the internal leakage of intestinal fluids into the body through microscopic holes in the intestinal wall usually due to inflammation.

Leaky gut syndrome as medical chronic inflammation condition explanation

In the picture above, take a close look at the “Normal Gut” versus the “Leaky Gut”.

The normal gut cells (left) have very tight junctions of inner intestinal cells protecting the inner lining of the gut from undigested food, acids, intestinal materials and parasites of the intestines not to be able to pass into the bloodstream.

The loose junctions of the damaged cells (right) have gaps, openings or holes in the intestines from constant irritation leading to abnormal inflammation and separating of the intestinal cells, breaching or leaking of the cellular barriers into the bloodstream causing the inner materials (pathogens, bacteria and parasites) of the intestines to get into the body; this is a toxic condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Once the intestines have become irritated or inflamed for a while, they start to become damaged and start leaking into the bloodstream toxifying the body.

Again, this is a very important point; if the intestinal junctions have been damaged by acute or chronic inflammation, the junctions will become separated and start letting into the bloodstream the dangerous contents such as bacteria, parasites or feces from the breach or hole in the intestines.

Once your gut is leaking some of the contents of the intestines into the body you are on your way to becoming slightly sick and tired, and in time can easily progress into a variety of diseases such as peritonitis and septicemia (blood poisoning) along with compromising varieties of debilitating parasitic infections that cause even further disease.

“If your GI tract is perforated, the contents may spill into your abdomen and cause peritonitis, an infection. Such an infection can lead to sepsis. Sometimes incorrectly called blood poisoning, sepsis is the body’s often deadly response to infection.” – src: Perforated Bowel | Sepsis Alliance

Bottom line: Healthy intestines do not leak parasites or feces into the body.

Toxic Plant Compounds Can Cause Intestinal Stress And Inflammation

Many plant foods contain very strong natural toxic compounds called phytoalexins which are the plant’s defense chemical compounds produced in the plant internally and naturally to protect them against parasites, fungi, bacterias and from other animals from eating them too.

The toxic phytoalexins that are in most plants, if eaten consistently or in large amounts can cause the gut to become very inflamed and irritated, and over time start the process of a variety of intestinal symptoms, syndromes and possibly debilitating diseases.

My Quick Story With Intestinal Stress And Some Remedies

You would be surprised just how many people have chronic GI intestinal stress solely from their toxic diets they thought was either good for them, or they just didn’t know they were killing themselves slowly.

Some Of My Symptoms

These are some of my personal intestinal symptoms I had that were very chronic and not going away.

My worst and most common complaints were moderate to severe intestinal stress 30 minutes after I had any vegetarian/vegan type meal, moderate indigestion, gas, constant bloating, on and off diarrhea and constipation, moderate blood in the stools 3-6 days a week. The indigestion and bloating are some of the first mild to moderate complaints of many SAD, vegans or vegetarians.

Some Of My Remedies

I changed my diet from a 15 year plant based diet to an animal and fruit based diet to heal my gut, and to re-nourish my malnourished and skinny self.

There are a variety of plants, herbs, spices and resins etc. that are excellent for cleansing and detoxing the body for a short period of time, but if you want to heal and re-nourish the body then eating animal products may help you with your gut issues and malnourishment.

Many people, including myself≤ have stopped eating mostly all plants for a period of time to see if we can heal our gut and our chronic nutritional deficiencies.

I have found that most of these intestinal symptoms can usually be eliminated quickly by just simply changing the mostly protein and fat diet eating strictly, eggs, raw cheese, bone broth from chicken or beef stock, grass fed meats, organ meats, pelagic fish, some chicken or organic fowl, grass fed butter, organic kefir from 3.25% dairy fat and tallow AKA kidney suet for fat.

These pictures are a peek of my transformation in just 60 days of eating animal products and fruit. 2020 was the year to re-nourish myself from 15 years of being solely on a plant based diet.

Robert Cassar Sitting Down Showing His Main Arm Vein

At 60 biological years old, 2020 was the year to rebuild myself from 15 yrs of a slowly malnourishing plant based vegan diet. I got down to a malnourished 127 lbs person and in 60 days gained 20 lbs of solid muscle with my new diet and regime.

A few videos you may also want to watch:

Mixing Carbs with Protein and Fat is Terrible for Digestion for Most People

To heal my gut I found that if I add sugar and carbs to my protein and fatty meals, I would get gas and indigestion. Eating only fats and proteins together were the answer to much better and complete digestion without any intestinal symptoms of bloating or gas.

I try to not mix any processed carbohydrates such as grains, rice, nuts, greens, sugars or veggies with my meals.

The sugar I do eat is by itself. I will eat several pieces of fruit minutes before I exercise to feed my body the glucose to feed my muscles, and have explosive energy from the sugar.

I never mix fruit, dense carbs like grains or drink any liquids with my meals of animal protein and fat.

Mixing the grains, sugar and liquids dilutes the stomach acid I need to break down the dense fats and proteins in my meal.

When I add rice, beans, fruit and liquids with my meals, it will dilute my stomach acids. Then I get incomplete digestion which turns into indigestion and terrible bloating and gas.

This was all trial and error for me until I found the right combination for perfect complete digestion of dense proteins and fats.

I will eat the fruit as a stand alone minutes before I exercise for excellent energy and never get bloating, gas and indigestion of any sorts.

Bowl Of Bone Broth For 2 Months To Heal My Gut

I had a small 16-20 oz bowl of the healing bone marrow meat soup, and ate it consistently just about every night for 2 months.

After removing the plants for a few months from my diet, I noticed immediate relief of the gas and bloating but I still had lots of digestive issues. When I introduced the bone broth into my diet for a few weeks this really helped heal my gut from the chronic inflammation I had.

This bone broth soup is cooked slowly for a period of 24 hrs to break down as much of the minerals in the bones, cartilage and marrow.

Cooking the soup for the 24 hours extracts the minerals from the cartilage and dense bones, protein and saturated fats.

The highly mineralized and fat in the soup soothed my entire intestinal tract and removed most of the chronic inflammation I had for years in just a few weeks.

According to a new survey, 74 percent of Americans are living with digestive symptoms like diarrhea, gas, bloating and abdominal pain.” – src: Survey Shows 74 Percent Of Americans Living With GI Discomfort

Healing The Gut Experiment

After many years of intestinal upset I was eager to experiment and try some drastic but logical measures.

This experiment involved removing all irritants from my diet such as nuts, seeds, spices, vegetables, grains, greens, potatoes and rice for a test period of 60 to 180 days, to see if I can remove the chronic intestinal stress I had been having for several years and seemed to be getting worse as time went on.

This healing the gut experiment was a total success for me in many ways (see transformation pictures below).

I wanted to see if I could heal my gut, intestines and digestion from all of the damage and assaults I had given to myself for the past 15 years, eating primarily raw veggies, lots of oxalate rich kale and spinach, a variety of nuts and seeds like chia and pumpkin seeds that can be highly irritative, potatoes and yams, squash, quinoa and black rice, lots of organic superfoods; algaes, sea veggies, cacao products, lots of coconut oil, vegetable seed oils with plenty of herbs and spices.

Many of the raw plants we eat on a daily basis can be very toxic and can cause moderate to severe intestinal inflammation if eaten in large quantities, or consistently all of the time, such as a vegan diet.

Cooking the plants or processing them does help reduce some of the plant poisons that are in most of the raw plants.

The gut or intestines for many people are very sensitive to a variety of chemicals, pesticides, mold toxins, goitrogens, phytates, oxalates, lectins, phytoestrogens, toxic seed oils and GMO’s to name a few of the possible intestinal irritants that can easily cause inflammation, gas, bloating, leaky gut or many other acute or chronic GI disorders over time.

“Our immune and nervous systems can also be attacked by these defense plant compounds in a variety of ways.”

Some plants we eat can actually do more harm than good, if eaten in larger amounts.

In most cases proper cooking and preparation such as using a pressure cooker or fermenting, can mitigate many of the devastating effects these compounds can cause if eaten raw and are eaten daily as a primary food source.

Vegans and vegetarians are usually the groups that will suffer the most from a variety of gut issues, purely from their diet.

All plants make their own specific defense compounds and some of them are deadly to animals and humans. Most of the plants have small amounts of the plant poisons, and cooking veggies thoroughly will usually reduce or remove the plant poisons if done correctly.

Eating raw or uncooked veggies all of the time (or 90%+ of your diet) can cause many inflammatory conditions to start flaring up over time, and can lead to a more serious gut injury, as I had, from eating too many plants with high levels of oxalates, lectins, phytates, antinutrients, endogenous plant poisons and the toxic petrochemicals that are sprayed like insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Eating a consistent daily amount of raw plants that are irritative to the gut can start a landslide of acute and chronic illness. This is exactly what happened to me on a plant based diet for 15 years not only did I suffer from intestinal distress, bloating, gas, blood in the stools and constipation/diarrhea and I also was suffering from malnourishment.

In order to cure my gut and malnourishment, I changed my 98% plant based diet to a 100% animal products and fruit diet to rebuild myself.

Diluting Your Stomach Acid

Proteins and fats are much more dense and harder to break down than less dense foods like lettuce, rice, potatoes, fruit. veggies etc.

So, mixing dense food with less dense foods will dilute the gut of acid because of the fiber and carbohydrates, and this is the beginning of bad digestion and intestinal problems.

I have found that most people have an insufficient amount of HCL production in their stomachs, probably for this very reason.

I never mix fruit or sugars with my protein and fat meals. This is so I can get complete digestion without changing the low acidity of my stomach.

Proteins and fats need a pH of 1.5-2 to breakdown the food efficiently getting the food ready for microbial digestion in the intestines.

Mixing carbohydrates, like potatoes, lettuce or greens, rice, liquids consumed while eating or after dinner – all of these will dilute the stomach acid to become much weaker, thus will not break down the dense protein and fats in the animal products efficiently.

I do not consume liquids with my meal, or 90 minutes after my meal either to keep the acid strong.

Saturated Fats Healing The Inflamed Intestines

The bone broth was one of the most healing foods I found to help seal the holes of my leaky gut/intestines and irritated bowels.

Bone broth is mostly a liquid brew of bioavailable minerals, vitamins, fats and protein. These compounds that are in the bones, marrow and flesh are extracted when cooking the soup for a 24 hour period.

The soup has a thick consistency almost like motor oil. My theory is that the saturated fats, minerals and vitamins extracted from the bones sealed up the leaking holes in my intestines and stopped the irritation from the damage I did with a high oxalate diet.

The saturated fats were very soothing to my inflamed intestinal tract with the high fat content protecting the tiny sores in my intestinal tract.

The bone broth healed my gut in several weeks, eating a bowl every night for 30 days relieving me from the years of intestinal pain and suffering I had on a daily basis.

Are Lectins Really Bad for You?

“Once your intestines are inflamed then these plant defense compounds can really cause more damage to your intestines. When consumed, lectins in their active state can cause negative side effects. The most publicized accounts report severe reactions in people eating even small amounts of raw or undercooked kidney beans. They contain phytohaemagglutinin, a type of lectin that can cause red blood cells to clump together.” – src: Lectins | The Nutrition Source

Avoid Toxic Plant Seed Oils

Important fact for gut/intestinal repair: Stop all of the seed oils if you really want to heal the gut quickly.

Various Types Of Bad Oils
Various Types Of Bad Oils

Most restaurants use these toxic and highly processed inflammatory seed oils in your food, because it’s cheap and easily available commercially.

Avoid ALL toxic vegetable seed oils high in omega-6 to support/repair healing the gut.

  • Soybean oil
  • Corn oil
  • Cottonseed oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Rice bran oil
  • Grape seed oil

I removed all of the irritative plant seed oils from my diet, and that alone helped tremendously. I replaced the plant oils with lots of grass fed butter and kidney suet or tallow. I buy the kidney suet and tallow from the butcher for about $2.00 a pound.

I use these saturated oils to cook with now, and I no longer use the seed oils because every time I try to use them they always give me minor irritation.

Once your gut is healed from inflammation, then you will know what oils or foods that irritate or inflames you. I have found my stomach and intestines digest food and work perfectly now with the animal oils.

Ok – Let’s get into making the bone broth recipe now 🙂 I wanted you to know the information about why so many people have these common types of disruptive intestinal tracts, that in time can lead to a suffering disease of the GI tract.

Bone Marrow Soup Recipe

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Robert Cassar's 60 Day Transformation
Robert Cassar’s 60 Day Transformation

Please refer to this video on my transformation using animal products and fruit to regain my health in 2020: Dr. Robert Cassar’s 1 Year Healing And Transformation Diet

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Alterations in intestinal permeability (Leaky Gut)

Level of selected nutrients in meat, liver, tallow and bone marrow from semi-domesticated reindeer (Rangifer t. tarandus L.)

Hope you enjoy this “Bone Broth Soup For Healing Leaky Gut And Intestinal Stress” Video Course 🙂

Dr. Robert

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Bone Broth Soup For Healing Leaky Gut And Intestinal Stress

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