Body and Mind Multidimensional Consciousness

Body and Mind Multidimensional Consciousness

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Body and Mind Multidimensional Consciousness – From “Caterpillar to Butterfly” – “Earthing to Earther” or from “Du-ality to Tri-ality”.

It is time to upgrade, enhance and optimize our bodies and minds.

The Big Question is “How do we accomplish this Metamorphosis?”

The “Physical, Mental, Emotional, Ethereal” invisible energies are all part of what we all are, and are learning about now.

The “World of FORM” and the “World of NO-FORM”, or in other words the Physical and Meta-Physical worlds, are colliding together with one another.

The Mantra in the future for all will be “Question all of the Authoritative Stories that we have been told”.

We are going to “Connect some more of the Dots” of health and wellness. Remember, there are over 50 departments of Terrain Modification to upgrade, enhance and optimize. Lets connect a few more of them.

Self responsibility is your next layer of Health, Wealth and Evolution.

As you / we “Connect the Dots” continually we all start to find out: ” The more we start to know … The less we really know”!

Part of your / our evolution is to realize with your / our real eyes, and listen with your / our new ears to see a truth that you could not understand or comprehend previously.

As we experience and connect the dots together our reality or consciousnesses evolves or wakes up.

Just like when we really be-LIE-ved in Santa Claus… the Tooth Fairy… Easter Egg Story… or many of the collective stories that we either learn / practice.

The rituals or we dogmatically put many of these false realities into our so called real world as real-ity or fantasy.

When you are confused this is a good sign that you are learning and practicing the occult or the hidden information, that will grow us in ways that we cold not grasp or understand until we do the “Great Work”.

The body and mind systems are not only physical, mental, emotional, ethereal etc., but there are many other onion layers of real-ity on top and below our current understandings and current consciousness.

Remember, we are multi-dimensional and multi-fractional bodies and minds, so do not think small and finite. We are truly much larger and complete than we really can know and understand.

We will talk about increasing the morphogenic value of our resonant fields ( consciousness / awareness ) in a intellectual way ( both brains)  versus an intellect way ( using only 1 brain at a time ).

As we add more of the terrain modification departments, we are connecting of the dots of the body and the mind. Then we will start to “question everything”, or at least we are starting to question some of things that we have been taught and or follow UN-consciously.

Why do we drink blood and eat flesh? Who taught us to be this destructive cannibalistic being?

We are all on our own journey either from sickness to health… from health to optimization… or to wanting to become more and more complete as an advanced human being. We are going to touch on several of these areas so we can question some of our actions and reactions.

When we start to wake up we are all one with the “Spirit that Breathes US ALL”.

This concept may not make sense now, but in time when we clean up the “Holy Land”, or the body, then we start to see and hear definitely more clearly.

When we start to see and hear more clearly we see the insanity, not only that we have personally, but the collective dysfunctions that our species call “Human”, is not right.

In order to be a part of the “New Earth / Worlds” consciousness, we all need to cleanse our multidimensional lives from the “Old Earth / Worlds” of scarcity and suffering.

Multidimensional Consciousness is not to be talked about it can only be experienced.

Keep enjoying an “Evolutionary Journey”.

Hope you enjoy this Body and Mind Multidimensional Consciousness Video :))

Dr. Robert

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Body and Mind Multidimensional Consciousness

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