Beginning Parables on Terrain Modification

Beginning Parables on Terrain Modification

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Learn the Beginning Parables on Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Principles.

We have over 50 departments in Health and Wellness.

Some of the main departments are Detoxification and Parasites.

Our mantra is to Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize your Mind and Body.

Becoming your own Doctor or Teacher is very necessary in the new world of self responsibility.

There are many areas in just the health and wellness departments to navigate, and this profound program does take time to learn, or relearn, and practice and practice.

We have all accumulated Toxicity, Chemicals, Parasites, Vaccines, Fake Sugars, Pharmacy-Chemicals etc.

Most of us are 15-30 pounds overweight or toxic.

Most of us are taking a variety of prescribed drugs daily for Pain, Insomnia, Infections, a specific drug for a specific symptoms, Emotional, Mental and Physical Dysfunctions.

Everybody has a variety of parasites in us.

If we don’t think we have a variety of parasites in us we are only fooling ourselves.

Body fat is a live creature that lives in and on us – this creature called “Body Fat” can be easily Terrain Modified to a manageable amount.

When the Skin and Lymph Systems are healthy, the skin to the muscle and veins is truly transparent to the inner body.

In time these protocols, practices and principles will be a part of your new life that is interested in less toxicity and living a more vital conscious and evolutionary life.

Hope you enjoy this Beginning Parables on Terrain Modification Video :))

Dr. Robert

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Beginning Parables on Terrain Modification

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