Baldness Remedy, Scalp Detoxification And Regrowing Your Hair

Baldness Remedy, Scalp Detoxification And Regrowing Your Hair

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Baldness Remedy, Scalp Detoxification And Regrowing Your Hair – This is very important video series to watch if you are balding or loosing your hair. MEN AND WOMAN – Is your Hair Thinning? Balding? Dandruff? Scalp Itching? Super Oily Hair? Hair grows very slowly or the hairs are thin, dry and fragile?

If there was a way to reduce baldness or to grow your hair back would you give it a try?

What if there were tiny creatures like “Hair Mites” ( a type of parasite or super tiny bug that feeds off of Sebum or Pore Oils that we all produce when we are healthy ) in your hair pores, and they are possibly the cause of your balminess, dandruff, itching or smelly scalp to name a few of the symptoms.

The picture in the caption is thousands of super tiny hair mites in the pores of an infected person. When they colonize they literally poop ( defecate ) so much that they pollute and then kill the hair follicle.

If you are loosing any of your hair and / or have dandruff or other scalp dysfunctions, then this therapy is the one you may want to try.

Most people with any types of pets, carpets, pillows, couches etc. are loaded with hair / dust mites, and many other creatures that find their way into our pores, skin, bedding, animals, carpets etc.

Wait until you see the pore puss, or the toxic polluted debris, that is going to come out of Daniels head and neck areas.

Daniel is not an old man – he is in his late 20’s. Most people / animals / birds / insects have hair mites and other microscopic critters living on them and in their households.

Hair mites do not cause directly for people to loose their hair specifically, but its the toxic poop from these little buggers that are really microscopic in size.

They can be in the 100’s or more in just one pore Shite-ing or pooping away, and the super toxicity finally kills or stunts the hair follicle from living from all of the excrement and toxins.

This Mini Lecture and Hands-On Workshop is a 2 part series. Please watch the first part in its entirely before venturing on to part 2.

We have gotten excellent feedback from our male and female members on their progress and report of findings.

Most all have had excellent results either stopping their baldness, dandruff, itching, smelly scalp etc., and have grown anywhere from 10% -100% of the hair back.

Part 2 is 80 minutes long and packed full of practical information and visual hands on workshop on how I do this and other techniques on Daniel.

Wait until you see the toxic pore pus out of his head! πŸ™‚ – All I can say is “Unbelievable”.

Daniel started these hair protocols about 3-4 months before this video. He got a significant amount of his to grow back in a very short period of time.

We are going to teach the importance and practices of many varieties of Gwashing, Detox and Re-Mineralizing Techniques.

This “Terrain Modification” lesson is one of the most profound easy techniques for restoring sick and damaged tissues to get their flow back.

There is a similar technique that has been used for 1000’s of years called Gua Sha.

We have expanded and added many more facets to the therapy, because we are going to use a variety of solvents and other mineralized or acidic materials to aid in reducing the hair mites and other creatures that live in just about everyone’s skin and pores. Especially in the scalp and eyebrows.

This technique also specializes on reducing the scalp toxicity that we all have from personal care products, hair dyes, hair sprays, detergents, chemicals, fluoride, perfumes, plastics we have accumulated in our scalp and pores.

“Learn and Practice” well and send me your pictures of your hair growing back, or your testimonies on how these protocols have changed your life.

I have several pictures that I am going to post on members that have sent us their scalp and regrowing hair results.

“Astonishing and Amazing” is the word for sure to grow back your hair, or put a stop to your hair line receding anymore.

Hope you enjoy this Baldness Remedy, Scalp Detoxification And Regrowing Your Hair Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Baldness Remedy, Scalp Detoxification And Regrowing Your Hair Part 2

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  1. Hey Dr Cassar, I wanted to know what you recommend as far the what you would do before and after a workout. For example would you start the day with a shower then exercise, and after would you do the skin/ scalp cleaning, or would it be something entirely different?

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Hi Marwan!

      It’s much easier to do this cleansing process with shorter hair, the shorter the better, but the protocols still have much efficacy with longer hair. If you dye your hair or color it with Henna, this protocol may take out some of the color.

      Dr. Robert :))

  2. Is using the infrared sauna a requirement to softening the scalp to be able to scrape out the gunk out of the scalp? If it is a requirement and I don’t have a infrared sauna, is there an alternative to softening the scalp along with the other protocols on the video?

    1. Post

      Hi Spencer!

      The best way to remove the candida, or what I call “pore puss”, is to soften it up somehow before you try any of the protocols I used in the video.

      The best way I found to be able to excrete the pore puss is by Far Infrared Sauna (FIR), because the heat will not only soften and expand the pores, but will also sweat form the inside out which helps the release of the pores.

      You can try using hot wet (squeezed) towel on top of the head for 20-30 minutes, with a dry towel on top of it to make sure the steam doesn’t leave.


      Dr. Robert

    1. Post

      Hi Karen!

      Most hair loss or thinning is due to a variety of conditions, but mostly are parasitic in nature. I have heard some of the members say they have had excellent results with regrowing their hair, or just adding thickness and bulk by using this recipe.

      You may want to experiment with this recipe several times and see what happens. Remember, new hair growth may take several months if any at all.

      Some of the hair follicles that are damaged most likely will not grow back.

      Hope that helps πŸ™‚

      Dr. Robert

  3. Hi Dr Robert Cassar, could you please tell me what foods increase sebum production? Sugars, carbs, fats? I am trying to use your diet as protein and fats. Is it ok to consume any fats or just saturated fats. I want to reduce sebum production through my diet. Thank you.

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  4. Hi Dr Cassar,

    Are there any testimonials/before and after pictures of people who have been successful with the hair loss protocol? If so, where can I find these?

    This would a great source of inspiration for those of us on the path to restoring hair.


    1. Post

      Hi Akram! I have had many student from students send me their before and after pictures to show their hair did grow back somewhat or a lot. But, the pictures are on one of my ten hard drives πŸ™‚ One day will take a look for them and other pictures. Thanks!

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      Hi Stefania!

      Before I go into the sauna I always drink 32 oz of distilled water with a squirt of lemon with some Ionic Minerals.

      Once I am in the sauna I drink the same drink but another 32 oz at least to keep my body hydrated while I am sweating.

      Hope that helps πŸ™‚

      Dr. Robert

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