Acid Reduction Massage and Group Bodywork

Acid Reduction Massage and Group Bodywork

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Acid Reduction Massage and Group Bodywork is a very special and different type of massage, once you have gone through 30-60 days of some of the Terrain Modification protocols. This massage course is mainly for beginning and intermediate participants. The principle theme in this course is to get the body’s liquid-ity (not solid-ity) supply, and the accumulated lymphatic fluids to flow normally and excrete through the various protocols we share.

My very close friends, colleagues and I have been creating and refining simple and effective self, multi layered “Acid Reduction Bodywork/Massage” protocols and self healing workshops.

Also, it is important to learn and practice the collective personal Terrain Modification therapies’s and rehab programs, to reduce the hard tissues and toxicities most of us have accumulated in all of our tissues.

If your tissues are sore when squeezing them, or bruise easily when manipulated or squeezed, then they are clogged, sick and toxic for sure.

The big picture here and theme of this course is: How to Master the Self Healing Techniques, to help yourself and others become healthy and vital.

Part 1 (58 min) is a very informative “Connecting The Dots” Lecture, and the theme is understanding many techniques and protocols of self and group bodywork and massage protocols with different body types.

Part 2 (127 min) is a Hands-On Workshop working on the participants from the 21 Day Detox and Rejuvenation Workshops in Hawaii. We will work on them them from top to the feet.

Part 3 (103 min) is a Hands-On Visual Workshop working with different male and female body types.

We will show you how you can work on many types using a variety of very effective bodywork techniques mainly in the areas of the shoulders, arm pits, neck, thighs, hips, lymph tissues in the breast area, and many more cutting edge techniques you can learn and practice easily and effectively.

The body accumulates very easily over time living in the world we do today. Especially living in the city or eating a fast food and SAD diet, the detrimental toxic and parasite accumulation will take its “Negative Toll” on you faster than a cleaner, conscious and less toxic lifestyle.

Our tissues are all full of acidic waste from toxic foods, dirty water, plastics, synthetic chemicals of millions of types surrounding us in the air we breathe, parasites, very hard internal body oxalates, or crystals in the form of acids/toxicity/parasites like huge coral reefs in our bodies which are very sore to the touch.

To stay Healthy and Vital follow the “Getting Started” and “Liquids of Vitality“courses and philosophies.

Follow the Intermittent and Block Fasting protocols, along with learning and practicing the over 50 departments of Terrain Modification Detox and Rejuvenation protocols, myself and my friends/colleagues have been creating for over 15 years.

Recommended Courses and Categories: Massage Techniques, Skin Cleaning, Detoxification and Rejuvenation, Lymphatic System and Abdominal Visceral Massage Techniques.

Hope you enjoy this “Acid Reduction Massage and Group Bodywork” Video Course 🙂

Dr. Robert

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Acid Reduction Massage and Group Bodywork Part 3

Acid Reduction Massage and Group Bodywork Part 2

Acid Reduction Massage and Group Bodywork Part 3

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