Absorbing Biological Plasma - 5 Part Series

Absorbing Biological Plasma – 5 Part Series

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This is a 5 Part Series on “Absorbing Biological Plasma”.

How to attract and absorb BIO-LOGICAL PLASMA?? This is the theme of this very essential video lecture series of information – “Absorbing Biological Plasma”.

Learning / practicing and understanding these protocols are surely going to upgrade, enhance and optimize your life for sure. All you can do is give it a try and see what happens… It’s all a “work in progress” as I say all of the time.

You will have to follow the miraculous Skin Cleaning / Detoxing / Delousing / Parasite / Rejuvenation protocols and practices first. Again, you don’t have to change your diet to start these protocols, but you really should when you get around to it.

The Sun is your friend when we follow the skin protocols. The first start to absorbing the suns plasma and the stimulation of D3 that we all need to thrive and biologically regenerate.

We are going to go over several layers of protocols, disciplines, practicing of Plasma / Sun activation in the body and mind. Learning these techniques will definitely step you up to the next level for sure.

All you can do is give this profound therapy a try for 180 days and see what happens. The Sun’s / Plasma’s powers are profound when used on a consistent basis.

Never look into the Sun directly … NEVER … If you do its because you are experienced and advanced and you have been doing these practices for quite some time.

Again, be careful to learn slowly and check the Sun before you do these protocols.

Go to spaceweather.com to see what the Sun is quite or it is in Geomagnetic storm.

Hope you enjoy this Absorbing Biological Plasma – 5 Part Series Video :))

Dr. Robert

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