Camu Camu and Grapefruit Mineralized Elixir with Dr. Robert Cassar

Camu Camu and Grapefruit Mineralized Elixir

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Camu Camu and Grapefruit Mineralized Elixir for Detoxification, and Rebuilding The Gut Wall Flora.

We are going to show you another great detoxification and rejuvenational elixir of the Liquids of Vitality Series made form Camu Camu. We have many other Liquids of Vitality recipes for you to see and try on the Earther Academy YouTube Playlist and on this site.

This informative video is about 40 minutes to watch.

We are going to connect some more of the dots in this mini lecture and recipe that will  give you some simple but profound Ideas, Disciplines and Concepts to add to your Terrain Modification Programs.

In time you will want to have an Earther Kitchen and household. All of the products needed to produce this elixir and 1000’s of other smart desserts, real non GMO food replacements meals, super mineralized drinks, oils, crystal salt, essential minerals etc.

Liquid Philosophy is essential to understand and practice.

Why are you going to want to drink these elixirs? What can they possibly do for me? Does it taste good?

Have you tried the variety of Liquids of Vitally drinks we have? It’s very easy to make these miraculous life changing drinks and trade them up for 1-2 of your regular meals, or just add them to your liquid diet between meals.

These are nutritional and medicinal photo nutrients and they do the body great! :))

Here is the simple recipe that can be changed in many ways.

I like this one for beginners and intermediate levels of people in health and wellness. Always start slow in all terrain modification protocols and you can add or take away from the recipe.

32 -60 ounces of Steam Distilled Water or RO water ( Make your own clean water – See our Water Systems Here )

If you are hungry or want a appetite suppressant add:

1/4 tsp of ESP Hot Cayenne Pepper
1-2 tbs of ESP Organic Chia Seeds

This is a Super High Plant Vitamin C Detox Drink – mainly made from Camu Camu, also, loaded full of other Super Nutrients and minerals.

Shake by hand or mix on high in the blender for 30 secs.

This is a super detox and nutritional drink to add to your treasure chest of health and wellness essentials πŸ™‚

Remember, please keep all of the sugar down to a minimum so you can substitute any sugars for our organic  stevia with zero calories if you need the sweetness tastes.

Middle aged children love the Liquids of Vitality elixir / drinks too with the organic stevia added.

Most of our immune system’s power and order in our bodies is from the intestinal gut and lining. These drinks really clean up the toxicity in the intestines and help  with re-mineralizing and super hydrating the intestines and body.

Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize your Health, Wellness and Evolution!

Hope you En-Joy this ‘Camu Camu and Grapefruit Mineralized Elixir’ Video :))

Dr. Robert

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      Aloha Kelly, it really depends if you want to use the elixir as a food source … then drink it a little at a time through out the day. If you want to use this as detox then drink it all at once or over a 5 minute period to really wash the body.

      I drink mine usually through out the day but if I want more of cleansing or more aggressive approach then you drink it all at once an maybe another once in 2 hours.

      :)) Dr r

    1. Post

      Aloha Dr c here πŸ™‚ We have a 16 strain probiotic at to start with. I add as many different strains to my perfents all the time… The more variety of bacteria the better… as long as they are the good ones.

      The 40 strain bacteria is too much money for most people ( 100 dollars a bottle) and I am not sure if it is 40 strains anyways. There are 1000’s of strains so that is why is good to have a variety of ferments and mix all the bacteria’s together too. Go to for all the products necessary to make these and hundreds of others. They are all wholesale direct and we do international shipping too.

      I go over this in the ferment video we just put out at Earther Academy… its about 3 hours long .. but worth watching and learning from.

      :)) Dr r

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