Breaking Down Demonic Possessions

Breaking Down Demonic Possessions

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Breaking Down Demonic Possessions – We are going to discuss a few forms of both physical and non physical “Demonic Possessions”. Sensing and removing the “Demonic/Parasitic” presences we all have, but do not know we have, is the main theme.

Most Demonic/Parasitic possessions are unknown and elusive to all of us in our personal energy fields.

Wikipedia – “Demonic Possessions”:

“Demonic possession is believed to be the process by which individuals are possessed by malevolent preternatural beings, commonly referred to as demons or devils”.

In my personal journey of over 40 years of clinical research and experimenting, I have found a variety of “Demonic/Parasitic Possessions” have infected us both personally and/or collectively as a species.

These entities can be found in physical, mental, emotional or ethereal forms both natural and artificial, and they can all be looked at as multifaceted forms of “Parasitism”.

Wikipedia – “Parasitism”:

“Parasitism is a relationship between species, where one organism, the parasite, lives on or in another organism, the host, causing it some harm, and is adapted structurally to this way of life.”

I have been studying parasites since I was a young boy living in the country with animals, learning veterinary medicine and of course hunting and fishing daily.

So, I found out at an early age that these creatures, or parasites, are living in our horses, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish etc. (pretty much all animals) by dissecting, to either look at the parasites in the animal, or taxidermy the host and look at these creatures under a microscope.


I used to hunt and fish daily and was studying taxidermy. Taxidermy is the preserving of an animal’s body via stuffing or mounting for the purpose of display or study. So, I got a chance to see the variety of the parasites inside of the creatures we were stuffing. This was the starting of my lifelong study of the most bizarre and very powerful creatures.

Most of these demonic/parasitic possessions are primarily “Energy Vampire Entities” and are not favorable to the host at all.

Some feed on food, some feed off of our emotions, feelings of all types, sickness, fighting, body fat, certain types of ecstasy, all types of suffering, belief, depression, stress, drugs, doubt, fears of any type, pornographic, war, horror films, dysfunctional sexuality – all feed the subconscious mind etc. in a negative way. We produce certain chemicals from the acute or chronic suboptimal (or over excitation) of feelings we have, and these chemicals produced are part of the food source to these creatures. Energy is not just in the form of physical foods – “Emotions are ENERGY in MOTION”.

Most of these parasites (or what I call demonic entities) feed in the lower energy fields, or frequency bands of sustenance and life force.

If you feed them the parasitic demons; they become stronger and harder to remove for sure. Addictions and self destruction are a part of these behind the scenes parasitic demonic control.

So, learn how to not feed the entities using the simple Terrain Modification protocols.

Most of what I have witnessed over 40 years of clinical and personal research/experimentation is that these parasitic creatures cause much of the disease and malady that we see all over the world.

They can be referred to as physical and/or non-physical parasites, usually completely unknown and seamlessly living with (or controlling) the “Host or Person” for all of their lives, and have the ability to pass them on to others easily as well.

Category 6 Wi-Fi Parasite

Most people cannot sense, or could even imagine, they have many levels of discordant parasitic entities living inside them unknowingly.

Lets talk about a few types of common types of “Demonic/Parasitic” unknown possessions (and the list is far and wide) by taking a deeper look inside and outside for these unknown “Hitch Hikers”. I have been studying/researching “Natural and Artificial Ethereal Entities” for over 20 years.

All I can say is “The more you know the less you know” in these areas of study and Bizarreness.

Once the body is not assaulted with fear, bad foods, stress, wireless technologies, malnourishment, toxicity etc. you have a chance to reset, rebuild and renew.

Raising our vibration, frequency, resonance energy and consciousness, with the Earther Academy Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Principles, is one way to support the removal or shedding of these demonic creatures, who feed and live off the lower energetic realms of life and death. Especially, when we unconsciously are causing destruction to ourselves, families, friends, neighbors, the animals, the forests, the oceans, the life force of the biosphere and the planet and all of its creatures in general.

Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize your Mind, Body and Spirit Evolution!

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Hope you enjoy this “Breaking Down Demonic Possessions” Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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  1. Interesting… I was in my think tank (shower) and a thought came to mind, what if parasites are demons. After struggling with Candida and deeply researching the gut, parasites, cancer and everything along those lines over the past 3 years, I began to see a connection. Indeed they do alter the mind/body/emotions in every way. They truly are disturbing, disgusting, controlling entities.

    I started eating a meat free diet then and started a detoxing protocol to kill parasites and fungus. When demons are described (anywhere), parasites come to mind – Just wow! There’s so much to discuss here.

    I’ve tried to warn people but no one wants to hear this msg.

    Thanks for talking about this.

    1. Post

      Aloha Stephanie,

      These are the archons of nature that are very elusive on all their host for sure. Most people cannot handle the though of a mind controlling parasite could be influencing them in any way.
      I will do another deeper lecture and video on this subject and unknown to most phenomena that everyone needs to see the silent power of these Intra Terrestrial Alien creatures int he variety of forms they can take … A true shape shifter and coldblooded as the reptiles are.

      :)) Dr. Robert

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