Bass Fishing At Beautiful Lake Sherwood, California

Bass Fishing At Beautiful Lake Sherwood, California

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I am going to show you one of my favorite out-in-nature sports I have been enjoying all of my life, and that is fishing on lakes, streams and oceans.

I am bass fishing in various parts of the Lake Sherwood lake using artificial baits, and I will show you some of the art of casting and the serenity of bass fishing in nature.

Fishing for me is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable sports there are. You get a chance to see the wonders of nature, and are amazed by the wildlife and sounds of all of the birds and creatures of the lake.

Throughout the entire video I am fishing on the beautiful Lake Sherwood, CA. This is a private lake that I had the opportunity to fish and boat on for more than 50 years, as the lake is not open to the public. Lake Sherwood is about 5 miles to Westlake – which is another great lake to catch and release bass.

I prefer Lake Sherwood because of its ultimate natural beauty. The lake has not changed too much since I was a young lad. Most of the areas of the lake are exactly like they were 50 years ago, so I get a lot of great memories seeing the same rocks I jumped off when I was much younger and had more guts than I do now jumping off the same 40 high rock cliff.

In order to access the lake you must own or rent a house on the lake. So, it’s a big honor to fish on one of the best fishing lakes in California thanks to my brother who lives on the lake.

Lake Sherwood is a catch and release lake, so we don’t ever kill any of the fish we catch. I show you in the video some tips using barbless hooks and some of the gear we use to safely catch fish without harming them.

Since my brother Sean lives on the lake with his family, I get a chance to use his boat usually everyday for a few hours when I come back to visit family and friends from Hawaii.

I started fishing at Lake Sherwood when I was about 7 years old with my father and/or other dads that would take us trout fishing at the picnic grounds. The lake was located less than a mile from our house that we lived in. So, I got a chance to go up to the lake quite often looking for bull frogs, tadpoles, singing birds, cougars, bobcats, turtles and snakes in the creek.

When I was old enough, about 10 years old, my brother and I would go to the lake with our BB guns and our fishing rods by ourselves, at least a few times a week after school or on the weekends.

Foraging through the creek on the way to the lakes 70 ft tall cement dam and spillway that holds the water.

Lake Sherwood is a small lake compared to other open to the public lakes and/or reservoirs in the area such as Lake Piru, Lake Casitas or lake Cachuma that are located within a short driving distance of this private lake.

  • Me with my Santa Claus beard, catching and releasing a beautiful large spawning female.
  • My younger brother Sean and I fishing on his boat. He lives on the lake with his family.
  • My son Westin and I standing on the dam at Lake Sherwood.
  • I have caught bass up to 10 pounds. I think the record of the Lake is about 14 pounds. A big bass is called a "Lunker".
  • Taking the boat to a fishing spot on the other side of the lake. "Boney Mountain" in the Background which some call the city of "MUโ€ because of the 50 ft tall buddha head, and other large artifacts found there.
  • Fishing with my brothers children Emma and Jack. Emma caught the big one for the night :)

If you can cast well then you would like to fish bass. Bass fishing is truly an art in many ways – the number one art is learning how to cast a variety of baits using a variety of fishing poles and reels, depending on the type of fishing you are going to do.

As I grew up in my teen years living in Westlake Village California, I fished with a few friends several times a week locally and then started competing in bass fishing tournaments throughout California.

I bought a bass boat when I was 19 years old and went fishing, usually every weekend for yearsr in local and some of the bigger lakes competing in tournaments.

Fishing is an excellent way for you to re-set from the hectic and dysfunctional city, and you will be amazed by the mesmerizing water and the sounds of nature, even if you don’t catch a single fish.

Many times I will go fishing on the lake when the lake is slow and not even get a bite, but I still get the same deep appreciation of being on the water and experiencing the water and natures world.

If I catch fish it’s a plus but that’s not the reason why I go fishing. Remember, I don’t eat the fish from the lake so I go for the joy of mostly bringing me back to my childhood memories and to be able to once again visit the awesomeness of mother nature.

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Hope you enjoy this “Bass Fishing At Beautiful Lake Sherwood, California” Video ๐Ÿ™‚

Dr. Robert

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